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Johnny O at Peter Stevens :-)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Johnny O, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Hey guy's, starting on the 11th of December I will be managing the Accessory Dept at Peter Stevens Ringwood, for those that have never been happy with the service at PS (or any other shop), come and see me and let me do it right for you :wink: lol

  2. Cool, that's great :grin:
  3. Wow, so no more Mr. Benelli man?

    Congratulations - what prompted this decision?
  4. Hey Johnny, thats great news!!! Congrats on the job.
    It must have been the shoes that impressed them ;)
  5. Grats on the new position...
  6. Ha ha I think you're right Deb :wink:

    Ah the Benelli Guy's wanted me to move to NSW, they wanted everything under the one roof, I told them that I could not leave all my Netrider friends and to shove their job :wink:

    Stevo's offered me a good deal so I took it. Thanks all.
  7. Is John still at Ringwood?
  8. Will you stock that back protector (don't know the brand) that you can just thrown on like a T-Shirt and it has front armor aswell?

    Or just back protectors with front armor, without all the arm and leg armor? :grin:
  9. Way to go man, I expect a sweet discount on a new helmet
  10. John finishes this Wed, I will replace him.
  11. I will try and discount where ever they'll let me.
  12. If it's made, I'll get it for you :)
  13. Congrats J.O. :)

    Cool :cool:

    OK... I'll broach the topic... what are the chances of putting an NR discount somewhere on the top 100 priority list for consideration with the Chiodo bros?

    Hey #2, what department will KSMA's accessamories be located in?! :LOL:
  14. congrats :) i do need a new helmet!
  15. Haaaa! :LOL: You need a new bike first :wink:
  16. Way cool Johnny! Congrats!
  17. That is excellent news John.
    I've bought a fair bit of security equipment from there in the past with Anton. I noticed he's with McLeod's now.
  18. Hey Rob :) I will certainly be pushing for a constant NR discount scheme.

    KSMA ?
  19. Congrats on the move, JO, I hope it works out great for you, and great for the many Melbourne Netriders, especially as you note, those who have been disgruntled in the past...
  20. Yeh, but as was pointed out to me in my interview, Stevo's serve so many customers, there are bound to be the odd couple that don't see eye to eye..... we'll see :wink: