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Johnny O @ Aprilia Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Johnny O, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Quite a few Netriders have been asking my if I can work on their bikes, well now I am the mechanic at Aprilia Melbourne in Collingwood, so I can now.

    We will accept servicing & general repairs to all brands but will specialize in Moto Guzzi & Aprilia.
  2. Another move, Johnny? Lots of luck with the new venture :)
  3. Great news Johnny!
  4. I'll pop past one arvo, you can pump up my tyres for me, lol. ;-)
  5. Nice one John. Maybe one day I'll get an italian bike.
  6. ........just want an Aprillia "pit handbag"
    Rectangular shape, about 50cm x 35cm with shoulder strap.
    Do they have one in the catalogue?
    If so, will order one!
  7. How about some advice on the Aprilia SVX 550 motard Johnny -- I am keen on one due to looks and performance but I think the reliability is poor from what I have read as well as service intervals very short and rebuilds real early and overall very costly ?

    Mind you I dont plan to race just street hooliganism
  8. I guess I now where to take my Moto Guzzi Norge now :)
  9. Apparently Aprilia Aust stopped importing them a couple of years ago due to certain reliability reasons, I'd love an MXV the motocross version.

    I guess if you are going to use it on the street, I reckon the 750 V-twin Dorsoduro would be awesome.
  10. Can't find anyone to do it properly for you? ;-)
  11. One of them parks out front of my work.
    They are a very pretty piece of machinery.