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John Titor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gadagada, May 30, 2007.

  1. Check out this website about John Titor. Its interesting stuf...


    About time travelling & seeing into the future..
  2. Oops didnt see the Copyright by undii 2007 :p
  3. Skimming through the site and I see it makes the claim that "there were no official Olympics after 2004" - looks like not long to wait till there's proof that it's a complete :jerk: . What he forgot was the first rule of all the great "prophets" - only predict stuff that'll occur long after you're dead, or make predicitons so vague that you can claim credit for virtually anything.
  4. oh man this stuff is great

    how did he figure that one out???

    and my personal favourite:
    fascinating stuff...


  5. Oh he made sure he covered that aspect. See he can predict anything and if it doesn't come true he can just put it down to his "worldline divergence factor" :jerk:

    And he travelled back in time in a '67 Chevy?? Hasn't he ever heard of a Delorean??? :LOL: