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John Hopoate takes up Boxing

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, May 17, 2006.

  1. One of the boxing matches on the under card for the Mundine vs. Green fight tonight in Sydney involves the debut fight for former Rugby player John Hopoate.

    Now I'm from Melbourne so Rugby means about as much to me as AFL to Sydneysiders but not too many people in Australia wouldn't have heard of Hopoate after his suspension from playing for his habit of sticking his fingers where the sun don't shine during scrums.

    So why am I posting this??

    Well apparently he has decided his boxing name will be "The King of the Ring" which I think is great and nearly drove off the Tulla Freeway laughing this morning when it was revealled on the 3AW breakky show.

  2. Just watch out if he gets you in a clinch, he won't be rabbit punching.
  3. YAY! I love that man, who else would have thought to combine the noble arts of rugby and proctology?

    I have this wonderful little video of him at home. In the first shot he's lying on the ground and he very forcefully prods the date of the bloke standing above him. The guy almost lifts off his feet.

    In the second shot, a few of his teammates are trying to hold a bloke down. The guy's scrambling to get up and run away, and Hopoate is chasing him along with two thick Maori fingers up his bum.

    I must have watched it a hundred times. What a champion. He drives in so hard for the ring he should be a basketballer.
  4. fingers are ok but of the guys got boxing gloves on, SHOOOOOOOOOIT that would be a whole nother ball game,

    good luck
  5. You've heard of the Hoppa-latte then?

    It's a short black with two chocolate fingers...

    (Thinks: Never thought I'd be able to pull that joke out again...)
  6. I'll drag another oldie out then:

    Hoppa has now punched more blokes around the ring than Molly Meldrum.
  7. This fight is now old News but I was just watching Mick Molloy on Ch 9 on "Any Given Sunday"and he made the following statement about the Hopoate fight;

    "Did you know the Doctor for the fight was a Proctologist"

    So another old joke surfaces in this thread.
  8. Actually, Paul, slight NSW correction there; Hoppa was a Rugby LEAGUE player.

    Rugby players are far too gentile for such activities; they just gouge at the oppposing players' heads with their sprigs while contesting mauls (what an appororiate name! :LOL: )
  9. Catch me, Kiss me (Union)

    Catch me #@%* me (League)

    It's all the same to we Mexicans :LOL:
  10. Hoppa's a lousy fighter, he won't last long in boxing.

    An old school mate of mine decked him, along with a couple of other Manly players a few years back.

    Now there's a bloke that should have taken up boxing.

  11. He's got 8 kids, so he's good at some things :LOL: