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John Hopkins to race Honda in World Supers

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Awesome! I hope he f#cking tears 'em apart!

    Both the kawasaki rejects from 2008 are now at Stiggy.....
  2. He has given Spies too much head-start. He probably wishes he had stayed on the Suzuki gp bike.
  3. Rog, What makes you think that Spies is just going to walk away with it ?

    I think there's probably at least 10-12 other riders, Hopper included, that have other ideas. That's before you factor in the odd DNF etc.
  4. Look at the form. 2 poles. 3 wins out of 4, and an engine that is user friendly when the tyres are shagged. He is in a great position so far.
  5. Spewin he didn't start round 1 at the island
  6. "racers track"... what track isn't? "not difficult to learn".... What makes you say something like that?

  7. I can do 1:25 in XBOX. See, it's easy :)

    There's a bunch of septics going crazy over at the Aprilia forum. They believe Spies is the second coming and are saying that after 2 rounds and 4 races, that Spies is a dead cert, that the only reason the Yamaha is going well is due to his ability and that he should go straight to Motogp.

    Which is a crock. He's a brilliant rider, that's for sure and his 3 AMA champs prove that.
  8. There's an Aprillia forum?!! :shock: Meh, whatever floats their boats. :)

    Kawasaki have a lot to answer for. Admittedly they did take a chance on Westy, but he needed time and a competitive bike to develop his skills in GP. Neither of those requirements were met by KRT.

    Hopper on the other hand did Kawasaki a favour when he signed up. He was willing to take a chance on a failing team, risking his carreer to boost KRT and in return they gave him a sub-standard, pitifully slow bike then fcuked him over at the last minute by pulling his (below par) bike from the show.

    I'm stoked that Hopper has a ride in WSBK. He deserves a good ride and I hope he does exceptionally well. KRT treated him like shit and I hope he repays their favour by doing exceedingly well on the Honda. :)
  9. So which tracks that are actually on the WSBK calendar are not 'racers tracks"??
  10. The favour had 6 million parts to it.
  11. I would have done it for 5 mil
  12. Why 'keeping it local for me'? We are talking World Supers! Do us all a favour and wait till you have something knowledgeable to say before you touch your keyboard.
  13. I apologize for being so rude, abrupt & Obnoxious. You were giving your opinion and I think in a public forum we should welcome that.

    I feel that all tracks have their technical aspects, be they fast sweeping corners or stop-go, I think these different aspects make them all 'racers tracks'.

    I also feel that Phillip Island is no more easy to learn to get around at World class speeds than any other tracks, I guess until you have to try and do those speeds do you realize the technical aspects that a rider has to deal with.

    Please feel free to tell me to get a big black dog up me if I am ever rude again.

  14. Get a Labrador up ya.
  15. That's the bit isn't it JO?

    Any chump can go round at my pace, but to go to a track on your first ever visit and instantly start doing sub 1:33's in a bike you've not ridden much is pretty good in any book.

    My first race at Winton, it took the whole weekend to get my times down 7s from the first Friday practice, but the quick guys are up to speed within a session.
  16. Sorry online, I disagree with you, sure some tracks are easier to learn than others but back in the day when the term 'racers track' was used, riders didn't even have adjustable suspension, with the increased limits of each and every aspect of machine set-up and rider input there is so much more to consider.

    I guess there are some tracks that might be a little more technical, and some that might require a little more 'risk taking', which of each 'you' may refer to as a 'racers track' I don't know. In my experience, a 'racers track' was generally a faster flowing circuit, where a rider could truly experience higher speeds, or where a 'thinking' rider could ride more efficiently, I can't really see that any World class circuits could vary enough to say, suit a particular rider? Maybe different machine set-up may work better at a given circuit?

    I started racing in 1974 and have heard the term used since I started. I suggest you try asking questions of the many knowlegeable people out there rather than trying to flaunt the couple of small pieces of info you've heard thrown around. :wink:

    I don't profess to know as much as diggler but you don't need to be calling him out to save your ass :LOL:
  17. wow, this thread just got interesting :popcorn:
  18. :LOL: :LOL: Now you make me smile