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JoeRocket razor 2 piece

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by port80, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Has aybody got / seen / heard of this suit? Local Yamaha dealer has them in and they look great for summer. The joerocket website doesn't mention it at all. I haven't heard of the textile they're made of and not too sure about the armour they have. If I get these instead of leathers I want to make sure I'm getting good enough protection out of them (yes I know leathers will not be beat, but they are also really hot).

  2. Looks great, but I think the price might be too much for my budget. I haven't seen one around, you know how much they are? The razor suit is $400.
  3. YEah I think it's called Alter Ego here.

    They're about $500, I really like them except for the lack of pockets.

    Still might get one, the heat has been incredible over the long weekend and I keep getting to work drenched in sweat.
  4. The alter ego is a textile version, the super ego a leather one - joe rocket oz has (or had) very limited stock, but may import more (or worst case you could buy from the US). Plenty of alter ego jackets around though.
  5. http://joerocket.com.au/RidingGear2.php?prod=2002&col=3151

    I didn't check the aussie site (didn't know they had one). But this is what I'm looking at for $380 - black only.

    I should add that its a pretty decent looking suit. The protection looks to be in all the right spots and the zips for cooling also look to be in the right spots.

    Not sure what "Rock Tex™ 600 Shell" is, not sure how much protection it gives.
  6. I ended up buy this suit. I got it for $380, RRP is $600. It fits really well and it is very cool to the point where I was actually cold riding about today. Highly recommend this to somebody thinking of squidding it.
  7. I have that suit. Also bought from Yamaha dealer for $380. Surprised it wasn't on the website. Try this one. http://www.joerocket.com.au/RidingGear2.php?prod=2002&col=3090

    I really like it. Although I only got a few hours out of it before my bike was altered for me. Very comfortable. Most of the zippers are actually vents which is great for hot weather (reason for buying 2nd suit) but it means pocket space is limited. Still, how much do you need that can't go under the seat? Touring normally means taking a bag anyway. :)
  8. In light of a few threads around here regarding amount of protection given by certain equipment I have emailed joe rocket australia after finding nothing on the web. I'll update this thread if I get any info back.
  9. kewl :wink:

    Arent they a reputable brand? They are fairly popular in the minimoto
  10. Dad was wearing my jacket from the suit when he hit the road at 60km, landed on his arm and it's not even scuffed. The suit has shit loads of body armour in the back, shoulder, elbow, hips, knees like anything else of that style. It's a foamy type rather than hard plastic but I've seen it pass the test. Had DAD been wearing my pants as well instead of his work slacks he wouldn't still have a slight limp. If you want to know what sort of armour they've got, go to a dealer and have a look. Do you really expect a manafacturer to tell you the truth if it's shit anyway? :wink:
  11. Actually the armour is the better part of the suit imo. Plenty of it and well placed (for me). Good to have some feedback on how the suit goes in an off. I only wish they had thicker / two thinknesses of material on high abrasion areas and better zips. Not sure about the stiching.
  12. The armour is good, that's why I ditched the old gear and bought it (especially in the back where most jackets neglect). Stitching held up without hassle in Dad's stack also. To be honest I'd feel happy having seen the results to slide down the road in it myself. At high speed I'd be worries about the zips. I don't think they'd come undone but I'm a little concerned they'd heat up and burn me. Then again, part of the rationale for buying was that I could open them in hot weather and that'd mean it's just the mesh in those spots (and that would tear). Still it's better than denim. I guess you have to weigh up the expected protection then balance the risk with the comfort gain. I for one think the suit is not near as good as full leathers but I can deal with the injuries I'd expect in a stack. Whether you wear a race suit or shorts and t-shirt, that's what it ultimately comes down to. It's better protection than a summer jacket and Draggins for a slightly lower price and more versitility in matching comfort/weather conditions. At the end of the day, if you want the best protection, get a one piece suit and ignore the price tag. :)
  13. I looked at the Joe Rocket Razor suit today. I reckon it is excellent value for summer riding. Under $400. Thats a full suit, top & pants. With knee sliders no less.
    What I have done in the past, is put a cheap weather proof top & pants under my seat. Takes up minimal room. Just incase the weather turns to wet. I have used them & they work OK.
    But when it comes to wet weather rideing.
    Ya have ta get the gear made for the purpose.
    I would think it hard to find gear, that will serve all climates
  14. is that a full 2 piece suit for $400??? where from please???

  15. isn't that pricing on the website US ?
  16. Your local dealer should have these suits for under $400. However to keep tabs on that email... still no repsonse. I might try calling them tomorrow.
  17. You'd hope the Joe Rocket suits are better made than their gloves. Mine started falling apart about a month after I bought them... were supposed to be waterproof too. Pfft! :p
  18. I'm pretty sure that's the case, I've worn mine a fair bit now with no signs of wear.
  19. find below my mates experience with what happened to him using a
    textile suit.. not on the road, but for minimoto racing :

    And well - it didn't look good - some back ground info tho - at the last practice day the same seems that gave in the crash - also gave then at practice - but not to a crash. So they got fixed but I believe they were weak there - maybe a fault in the stiching?

    Either way - I took some pictures of the pants and my $240.00 speed master gloves as they got a hole in them as well - and sent them off to Mat Mladin Imports via email to my contact there.

    Well this is the reply & I would like to share it with you this is service

    "G'day Chris
    Firstly thanks for the pics and info. I had a look at the pocketbike forums, your bike looks great!

    I am concerned about the suit seams. Get the suit back to me please Chris and I will exchange it for a new one. If this gives you any troubles we will then look at leather as an option.
    I appreciate the feedback. I would love to see more pocket-bike racers wearing the Razor suit as I still think this is a great suit for this kind of racing. However, not if it won't hold up in a racing accident. We have sold many Razor suits for street riders and have great feedback on them, so I'm hoping yours is a one-off incident. I don't want to use you as a guinea-pig, especially as you received some road rash, but I'm confident that it was a one-off.

    As to the Speedmaster gloves. I am very surprised at the damage to them. I have seen gloves from Josh Brookes and Adam Crusty Fergusson from the Honda team that have stood up to 200km/h + crashes, so I am confident that what happened with your gloves is defiantly a one-off incident too. Please send them back to me for replacement too Chris

    I know it sounds odd to have 2 one-off incidents, that is why I would like you to send both these items back to me for replacement. This will give me a chance to assess these items and pass on feedback to Joe Rocket USA. I will get the new items to you ASAP."