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Joel hits the big three o

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, May 30, 2009.

  1. Happy 30th birthday, to my brother Mod, Joel

    Hope it's a great day for you, bloke.
  2. Happy birthday Joel! :grin:
  3. have a good one joel :)
  4. Happiest of birthdays Joel
    The big 3 0
    All the best mate :)
  5. I don't think Joel would merely "hit" the big 3 oh, he'd be more inclined to smash it...

    Happy 30th Joel. :beer:
  6. Trust ya had a great day :cool:
  7. happy-what's-left-of-your-birthday, old mate
  8. ohhh the twenties have gone and the thirties begin, your depressed time starts now :grin: :grin:


    Keep those roads looking good champ...

    heres some friends that also want to send a message :shock:

  9. Happy Birthday Champ! :grin:

    Didn't realise you were such a young bloke :LOL:
  10. Something tells me Joel might not be able to remember his 30th birthday.... hope it was a blinder mate. :grin: [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Thanks guys, it was certainly a blinder! :beer:
  12. Happy birthday Joel.

    Now that you're old you no longer can ride a sportsbike.

    Can I have it?! :grin:
  13. I'm a day late Joel ,so go have another blinder ...and have a good one. :cool:
  14. We had a beer last night at HQ(Rog had a wine) in Minna's and your honour. HB dude :grin:
  15. i had OJ :p hope it was a good one mate :grin:
  16. shame we couldnt celebrate a bulldogs win also, grrrrrrrr :cry:
  17. it was never about footy, mate
  18. Belated Happy Birthday, Joel.

    May you still be having fun over the next thirty.