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Joe Rocket 'UFO' Summer Jacket (2009)

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by boingk, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all, just thought I'd post a review of my now few months old jacket:


    Got it at Bike Gear Warehouse, south of Sydney. Retail there was $199, plus I got some free matching gloves to go with it from a bin by the door full of "old stock, returns and last years colours". Good work guys, excellent way to get rid of your unwanted stock :)

    First impressions were of a good quality, no-fuss jacket with good armouring and a very light toplayer of fabric*. Armour includes high density elbow and shoulder guards, and a quite extensive back protector which I thought to be a good feature. The jacket allows for fitment by upper forearm cinching via studs, lower forearm zips, wrist velcro/studs, and waist via velcro tabs. On fitting in the store, I noticed that the sizes were slightly larger in the body than I'm used to. This saw me getting a 'Medium' jacket where I may normally have gotten a large** as the sleeves were not quite long enough in riding position, but the jacket fit right on the body thus ensuring armour placement in event of an off. Gloves fill in the sleeve gap I've found, so no worries. There is also a removeable inner lining which is supposed to be waterproof. I haven't used it yet as it cuts down on ventilation and is quite warm.

    When riding, the UFO is great to wear, and allows a full, unrestricted range of movement. I ride a small full-faired bike (Aprilia RS125) and have found the extra ventilation in summer weather indispensible, with the jacket standing up to the odd shower or cold snap well. One thing I can say is that if you ride a naked bike and switch to this type of jacket you will definitely feel the difference - sitting up out of the protected fairing area when riding sees me feel a rush of air through the jacket and feels ace on those > 30'C days. On days nearing 40'C the jacket still performs well, albeit merely by not letting you get to the point of sweating of being uncomfortable. Keep in mind a normal jacket would be almost intolerable near 40'C.

    I haven't had any serious issue with the UFO since purchase, so can't comment on any. I found one or two centimeter-long areas of loose stitching but am not worried at all by this as I use my jacket very frequently and they haven't become worse during the time I've had it. I like the styling, (subdued factory racer kinda image I guess) the price, the protection and the build quality. I also like the on-bike performance, so lets call it a day by me giving the jacket 5 stars.

    Cheers guys - boingk

    *For those of you that have never handled a 'mesh' jacket, its a very coarsely woven nylon fabric that actually feels rather soft and pliable to the touch. If you hold it up to the light you can see through it.

    **I'm a relatively large fellow, standing 6'2" and 90kg.
  2. Thanks for the info mate. Looks the goods. I'm exactly same height and weight as you too so nice to know it'll fit OK.
  3. I actually prefer the silver version (below for those interested). It's good to hear a review of it as I was thinking of purchasing one from bike gear warehouse online while they still have free shipping.

  4. i am thinking of buying this jacket as the waterproof alternative to my leather jacket... any issues with water for this?
  5. am i the only one who likes plain style gear and wishes there was more of it? If i want labels and brands all over my arms ill get them sewn on myself!
  6. I don't own this jacket but I do own the CBR Joe Rocket summer jacket and it's mesh and I believe this one is also mesh.
    If it rains you'll get wet.
  7. There is a liner for the jacket that claims to be fully waterproof - it also feels as though ti would be and I have no reason to doubt JR on it. I have not used the liner as yet, but as it goes inside the jacket I imagine the rest of the jacket would be soaked while the liner merely keeps *you* dry.

    Cheers -boingk
  8. Price???

    I've just "retired" my Joe Rocket Phoenix IV which looks very similar to these ones. I won't need a summer jacket for a while, but I'm doing my research now.
  9. Yes you are right how silly of me.

    Check these out


    They claim you can remove the Honda advertising easily enough.
    The inner liner is a bit of a mystery, I've never used it but it's called a Dry Tech
    liner so just how water proof it is I don't know.
  10. Wow, that is so cheap, thanks.
  11. Don't thank me yet, wait to you see the shipping charges.
    Overall it's still cheap compared to an equivalent jacket in OZ.
    I think all up it cost me around AU$140 (for the cheaper blue jacket) so I was happy with that.
  12. I was going to ask about that. BGW are selling the Phoenix V on run-out for $179 so it hardly seems like a saving to pay excessive freight for it from the states then, does it?
  13. That's cheap and a better option as you have somewhere to send it if you need to claim on guarantee.
  14. My thoughts exactly.

    And I just checked their web site. The one you're taling about is $199 at the moment.