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Joe rocket superstreetbike boots VS SIDI B2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Paulstar, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    I tried these on the other day, they are comfortable enough etc. Would i be unwise to get these at around $280? they are very solid but im just wondering if its a compromise that its not a boot-cut, im worried about my ankle getting more twist if the worst happens in these verses say SMX-4's which are the only other thing in the similar price range.

    What do you guys think? anyone with experience with these boots?

  2. So i just had a look on the bikebiz website, i want to spend around $300 and so i considered the Sidi Way Tepor Boot at $300, but then there is a boot at $370, so 70 more is no big deal i guess its called a Sidi Strada Tepor Evo Boot looks nice, sounds protective but then hey if your going to spend $370 you might as well spend $399 right? 30 dollars more and get the Sidi B-Two Boot, looks very power-ranger ish and has the 'vertebrae system.

    So i am considering that boot as well [​IMG]
  3. Get the joe rockets mate, i bought myself a pair a few months ago, and they are great little boots, very comfortable to be in all day, look kinda cool (I think).

    Only problem is my toe sliders didnt last long, but no matter, thats what they are there for ey.
    Good luck with the choice.

  4. I personally wouldn't ride in the Joe Rockets. I got t-boned by a taxi a couple of years ago that resulted in a broken foot (no, I wasn't wearing protective boots at the time), so i pretty much always wear full length boots now.

    I recently bought a pair of Sidi Vertigo from a UK online store. I got them delivered for just over $350, so saved about 150 bucks. :wink:
  5. I have the Joe Rockets and I hate the bloody things.

    First the inlay tore over my toes and hollows every pair of socks that I wear.

    Second, depending on you riding position they can dig into your shins and get quite annoying after a couple of hundred Ks.

    Third, they are very short and when it is raining there is no way to keep my overpants hem below the top of the boot and they get flooded very easily.

    Fourth, the velcro doesn't stick well anymore and the boot opens sometimes when I move my feet around to change gears of brake.

    I put some gaffer tape inside to save socks and it works but I wouldn't wear them for anything longer than the trip to work.

  6. I ahve Sidi Vertigo Corsair's, which I splashed the money on purely beccause the foot bridge strap down made them fit my foot well whereas EVERY boot I tried on slipped off my heal wayyyy oo much (have flat feet).

    I find my boots very comfy to be riding in all day long or walk about in (as far as bike boots can be for riding I think...)
  7. Hmm so i went to Bikebiz, the sidi boots did not fit well so i was sad about that, tried some alpinestar but unless its the top of the line one its very basic when u compare the padding and protection you have in the boot.

    Walked out in some Oxtar boots like these (not not thrashed) http://lidzduc.blogspot.com/2007/10/oxtar-race-boot-size-44-25.html

    Reasons i bought them

    The fit was excellent
    there is some cool sorta reinforced system for ankle
    all sliders are present
    very easy to slip on and off
    found out they were cheap - $200! they are an old model

    I havent walked far but around uni they are fine to walk around in, much better than riding in AirForceOnes which i was doing. Had to get used to the lack of feeling when pressing the rear brake! and have to get used to the lack of feeling when going to 2nd gear.

    Apart from that i'm a happy camper with these