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Joe Rocket sizing is huge!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeff_o, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. oh man. i bought a Joe Rocket Ballistic full mesh jacket online from US. it's super breezy and cool. problem is it's huge for its size. I got S and it's still huge on me. i'm 175cm and 70kgs. anyone have the same experience?

  2. ..Nope!.. but for the 1st time on my life.. I'm gonna order me a size zero!... :D
  3. Kirsty Alley Syndrome, perhaps.

    It annoys me when I buy things in a certain size (as in supposed to be XX cm) and it's bigger because they seemingly make things this way now, since people seem to not want to deal with their actual measurements.
  4. Jeff o, I think they are U.S. type sizes. I bought my jacket from bike gear warehouse at a stupidly low price and it fits like a glove. I used to work in shop and the jerseys from the U.S. were xp when I got jerseys from Europe or Asia I was 5xl. And when you put the jerseys up against each other the measured the same. You just can't rely on labels anymore. There doesn't seem to be any standards...
  5. Funny you mention. I'm looking at getting a jacket from the US of A too. I'm normally a Large, but the measurements they have for 'Medium' seem to be more my size??

    I've been hesitant for a few days now as I haven't been a 'Medium' size since I was a toddler! Of course the pressure is on as they are advertising the jacket as LAST ONE AVAILABLE!!
  6. i think maybe they really make US sizes generally bigger than what it's supposed to be? dunno maybe because people in the US are generally big (like what other say... obese)? crap now i have to get rid of this. it's just taking up space. someone wants to swap an XS mesh jacket with my S? :D
  7. Jeff, you really don't seem to be having much luck with sizings of late.......

  8. it's very important to Americans that their sizing is the biggest in the world.
  9. yeah. just bad luck. i like my mc jackets/pants a little tight/snug than regular. i guess that's the risk of buying online than local.