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webBikeWorld Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jul 1, 2015.

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    The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket is a variant of the long-running and ever-popular Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh jacket.

    Our feeling is that there's not all that much difference between the standard Phoenix jacket and the Phoenix Ion version.

    There is one thing though: the "INNOLITE" reflective coating on the Ion version of the jacket.

    Joe Rocket has been promoting this feature as one of the main selling points for the Ion jacket, but the ads are misleading, in our opinion.

    First of all, the INNOLITE reflective weave is actually in the shoulders only, not the entire jacket.

    Also, the INNOLITE reflective material doesn't seem much different than the other "dotted" reflective weave we have seen before, which for the most part we have not found to be very effective.

    Some of the photos used in the Joe Rocket advertisements make it look like the entire jacket "glows" at night when illuminated; in fact, that's what we thought and it's pretty much the main reason we purchased this jacket.

    But in fact, our experience is that the Ion jacket has very poor reflectivity, on the road or in the photo studio.

    Both the INNOLITE shoulders and the reflective striping and piping on other parts of the jacket have negligible reflective properties on our jacket.

    Indeed, the Phoenix Ion jacket may have less reflectivity than many other summer motorcycle jackets we have reviewed.

    We'll focus on this issue in this review, with many photos below, illustrating our attempts to get the jacket to reflect and a couple of comparison photos comparing reflectivity with a cheap generic reflective safety vest.

    The poor performance of the INNOLITE and the weak-to-no reflectivity of the jacket overall is a big disappointment, especially since that is a major selling point of the Phoenix Ion jacket.

    So you may want to save yourself the $20.00 and get the basic Phoenix jacket -- still in version 5.0 -- instead.

    There isn't all that much difference between the two anyway, unless you count the lightweight zip-in insulating vest in the Phoenix Ion that you probably don't need anyway (along with the "waterproof" removable shell).

    Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket Front View

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