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Joe Rocket Jacket Sizing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by athakkar22, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    been looking for one of the Joe Rocket Suzuki Leather Jackets for a while now... found a few on various webpages on the net, although the sizing part has got me lost. From their website it says that they sell sizes from 44-52, while the whole joe rocket sizing is from 40-56 (http://www.joerocket.com/catalog/index.cfm/255/319/).

    I know I'm a 46 in my Dainese jacket, and the motorcycle stores around Melb I've rang don't stock Joe Rocket products so I can't try a similar jacket to figure out sizing, nor stock the product anymore as the jackets old - But they did say a 48 would be S, and 50 would be M. Any idea if this is right or not?

    Any one have any idea on sizing of the jackets or even where to find the jacket in the link?

    Cheers in advance guys! Amit
  2. I've got a Joe Rocket suit and the sizing is generous. Its aimed at the US market not your slim Italians. AMX have often had Joe Rocket jackets on their racks.
  3. If I'm not wrong I saw a few Joe Rockets at an AMX store, saw some of the Suzuki ones as well. Might've been old style stock but it'll give you an idea on sizing (y)


    edit: twistngo beat me to it
  4. Yeah – AMX is the go. I’ve seen AMX carry some Joe Rocket gear and at pretty decent prices as well.

    Mostly the jackets are sized in US and EU sizes and a US 54 size is EU 44 (my size) which holds well for me. Some manufacturers do not use this sizing and they go the usual S, M, L, XL etc which can vary from brand to brand. My DriRider 54/44 is also listed as XL on tag but another US brand jacket that I have (Shift Gear) is L (large) so go figure.

    …but all other brands that carry the US/EU size on the tags – 54/44 fit me nicely.

    SO if you have a Dainese jacket that is a European brand and is 46, the equivalent size would be 56 in US sizes. EU 48 would be US 58 and so on.

    Otherwise take the tape measure out and order accordingly. And hope for the best! :)
  5. that's reasonably accurate. keep in mind those are euro sizes, so take 10 off for US sizes