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Joe Rocket Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chickibabe, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone,
    Well I'm over the moon with my new gear. :p
    Just bought myself joe rocket summer pants and jacket for $150. If any of you sydney riders want new gear have a look at Action motorcycles parramatta, they have got some great special on all gear (leather and textile).
    Just thought I spread the word for those on a budget but still want quality riding gear.

    Cheers Lou :grin:

  2. Yeah, their stuff is awesome. I've got the Trixie leather pants (black!) and they are great, I wear them all the time, really comfortable.

    Glad that they are finally starting to get some more of the women's stuff into the country! :grin:
  3. +1 Just got my Joe Rocket Sonic jacket and gloves - in a word AWSOME!!!
  4. I was in action yesterday, picked up a leather jacket with armour for $99! The joe rocket leathers and leather suits are so CHEAP there at the moment!!! HUGE mark downs I duno how they can make any money with this stuff?
  5. Do yourself a favour and head down to the warehouse in Camden....the variety of gear is mind boggeling.

    Joe Rocket gear is fantastic. I thoroughly recommend anyone looking for some new stuff seek them out, you won't be disapointed.

    Looks, price, quality....get amongst it.
  6. Ditto - great pants - so comfty & don't mind wearing them outside my boots - only problem I had was those little silver flowers ......... solved that by unpicking them all of :LOL:
  7. $150? That's very good value.. what are they?
  8. On the tag is has Razor suit. Hubby got a set too, and in his pant's it has the date 2004. So maybe they are old stock/style. But I don't really mind, there new and a good brand if you get what I mean.
    You could buy the jacket for $99 by itself or the set for $150. :cool:

    I really liked the full set of leathers but not in my size, they were yellow PINK and Blue :shock: .
    Cheers Lou
  9. Thanks for the info Lou. You've got a very good price. The Razor suit still retail for $600.
  10. I am very much into Joe Rocket (JR) stuffs... have been selling their textile stuff (Cleo, GSXR, Ballistic 6.0, Phoenix, Honda etc) on ebay Australia. They are reputable brands and quality ride gear!

    Razor is a close out model... but at that price, it is still a fantastic bargain!

    Personally, I would choose the Cleo (Ladies Mesh) and Phoenix 4.0 (Men's Mesh) for the summer. Both of them come with a removable wind/water proof liner for the cold/wet days.

  11. fcuk it I bought that suit for $400 not twelve months ago :mad:
  12. hey any one know any cheap place's to pick some of this gear up in melbourne?
  13. +1 port... i bought a razor suit for 400 9 months ago... oh well.. did you get the free upgrade on the body armour too??? i took out the foam stuff and got the good hard stuff for knees shoulders and elbows :)
  14. My wife picked up a pair of the Pants on the weekend for $20... :shock:

    Excellent buy

  15. I was all set to buy a pair of joe Rocker pants for summer and came across a new brand, Motoguy and also motogirl.

    pants are textile with breathy and stretchy bits very comfy and look damn fine $150 worth lookign at.
  16. Anyone got an address or linkage for that Joe Rocket warehouse? I'm from Brissie but will be in Sydney over Christmas and desperately need a summer jacket.
  17. Sorry I don't know of any warehouse in sydney, only Action at church street parramattta but I'm gathering that their other stores will have them.

    Nar I didn't get a upgrade for the armor, but I did take of the knee sliders, I can never see my self gettting that low to ground :LOL: