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Joe Rocket Blaster 4.0 Jacket (size 44) - $150

Discussion in 'Archived' started by AznCruiser, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]


  2. NK this jacket is new.

    The one I use is similar to Joe Rocket, basically just different branded and also a half mesh/leather..........I love it and have been wearing it for yonks (well since my L's :) and wont think of parting with it until its shredded).

    I think the thing I could do would be to combine all my stuff into one thread, just to make it easier and cleaner............I put up what I thout was a reasonable price but if members have a budget to stick to and wants to PM me then they are more than welcome to...........dont expect a jacket like this for $50 bucks though, but I also know how expensive it is to buy all your gear and bike on minimum wage.......

    Guys who missed out on the sale who wanted to go but couldnt may want to buy what they wanted to......on the flip side guys who wanted to sell are allowed to. The people who lined up and fought at the sale arent businesses....Im certainly not deluded enough to charge fellow NetRiders the RRP which would be pretty much 4 times this price, I would never do that............But if a forumer is genuinely looking for a leather, this might be of use to him. If not then maybe I can help him with other who may have his size....
  3. Is it size US 44 or Euro 44?
  4. Their sizing is in inches.

    You dont happen to have a 42 do you Azn?? I'm a medium nased on my Dririder jacket which.is 40-42 so think this would be a little too large?
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  5. Ill check it out tomorrow when im a bit more sober heheheh :).........my guess is US, but im get back to ya on that one.

    Yeah it may be..............I was gonna employ Mav to be my male model heheheh see how it fits and compare it to what he wears. Ill also try to get measurements tomorrow.

    If your in my area your more than welcome to drop by and try it on............and have a few beers in the process :).

    This Joe Rocket sizing chart might be handy
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  6. Where about in NSW are you?
  7. I have no idea about how to measure these things so please forgive my noobiness...........i basically just laid the jacket flat stretched it out and measured it as best I could. To me this feels like a large.

    Nocturne, Im near Blacktown, have a few beers while trying it on..........im having a hard time drinking those Aldi beer cartons on my own heheh :).
  8. Thanks Justus, ill let him slide, so long as he doesnt ruin it for others :).........

    Anyone know who I should talk to to get my threads combined into one?.............with a title like "AznCruiser's bike gears" or something along that line?.......
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