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Jocks for the girls!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boo, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Browsing K-mart the other day whilst shopping for one of the clients I care for & came across the funniest jocks!
    Bright pink w yellow piping (with yellow writing)
    Yellow w pink piping (pink writing)

    In bold they had the following options...
    C is for Crumpet (barry sheen wld be so pleased)
    M is for Muffin
    T is for Teddybear
    B is for Bunny

    Gave me a kackle, so if any of you girlie girls are interested you know where to go!

  2. Night shift worker!!! It's quater past crazy time & I got hours to go til beddy bies (7.30am) all the special people are a sleepin... I must stay awake! :shock:
  3. Can't...Im night shiftn' too.
  4. Workin hard then? :LOL:
    Let me guess... State government?... No hang on that's me :shock:
    I give up :p
  5. Hey, if ch10 is still on air in your state then my work is done.
  6. I see the crazy people come out in the time most of us sleep
  7. I thought the title meant swap your local scotsman for a girl.....I was a little worried. :roll:
  8. Ok so the crazy people don’t just come out at night
  9. So boo where are the pics of you modeling them???
  10. :LOL:
  11. Ahh my dear Lord Falcon,
    I'm doing the world of Netrider a favour & saving them from all the "talk therapy" bills one might endure shld such a picture be posted. However as the self appointed CEO of R.E.A.A I'd be more than happy to have pictures sent in & further advise the 'enquiring minds' who was the most attractive entrant! :wink:
    Shld any bold lass actually take me up on such an offer pl's be awear that your photo's can NOT be assured to be kept private! However your name will be withheld .
  12. Of course I'd probably guess who anyway. :grin: Eh Carri? :p :LOL: :cool: