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jockeys and those involved in horse racing complete morons?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. when is the sport of horse racing going to move out of the 19th century!?

    i work in media monitoring so i'm forced to watch endless sports reports and it seems every week or two a jockey sustains serious head injuries after getting smashed into the ground, wacked into a fence and stomped on by a 500kg horse. it probably isn't a shock to you that horses stack all the time in races, and it bloody well shouldn't be a shock to the racing community, so why the f*** do the morons continue to wear these>!>?>!>


    a piece of crap helmet that looks more suited to defending against spin bowling from shane warne, rather than a high speed racing crash. why don't they wear a real helmet?

    damn fooooools. :mad:
  2. Forget about the helmets.

    It's the entire horsey scene. While it's quite stirring to have the horses come thundering past, everything else about it makes me wanna puke. The hats, the suits, the skegs dressed up so they can "have a flutter" and then chunder their way home out the cab window.

    This whole neighbourhood is full of vomiting uni kids in 3-piece suits, and sunburnt 40 year old women with fried-egg tits and broken heels during he spring carnival, it's revolting.
  3. The one thing I liked about riding horses......... at least I could make them mono... :cry:
  4. Tell us what you REALLY think, Loz :LOL:

    On balance, however, my guess is that the powers-that-be would say that crashes are rare and serious injuries are rarer......
  5. the ground they crash into is usually nice springy grass and the other horses try to avoid obstacles (fallen riders) where possible. like all sports it has its risks, and annoying spectators. but galloping a horse (that instinctively wants to win) flat out at around 40km/h is an awesome feeling! not quite as good as riding a bike but what can you do
  6. Sounds like the wrong horses were on the racetrack :LOL:
  7. :rofl:
  8. Re: jockeys and those involved in horse racing complete moro

    They prob say a similar thing about riders.