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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by NMD, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    just checking up on what everyone on here does to fund their love for bikes...

    im a console operator at a mobil service station at newcastle, glendale and warners bay to be precise


  2. Im a glorified typist. I get paid to type and sit in meetings all day ;)
  3. I sell lift parts to lift companies... Woo.

    Eh, it's got it's ups and downs... :LOL:
  4. Im a delivery driver for radio rentals
    its an ok job start at 7am finish around 130-200pm so i get time to go for a ride and do other stuff during the week
  5. im a nurse/ personal carer, and a mum as well..
    its not just about fund for my bike but also for my mental health :grin:
  6. i work in a hotel, courtyard marriot.

    great company and great team to work with.

    shit hours though, thats wat u get in hospitality industry i guess.
  7. I.T. - Alpha Computer on Hoddle St.

    Field Engineer, lets me get outdoors most of the time :)
  8. Main job - Carer
    other job - bus driver
    other other job - masseur

    Looking for a sales rep job to add to these, and I think i found one last week.
  9. I work for Ashley Martin as a llama trainer working on a developmental project training llamas to lick those who are folicaly-challenged in order to stimulate hair growth. I was about to invite Vic along to be a guinea pig but then he deleted a few of my posts. Now looking for another candidate. :bolt:

    Should I renounce my membership now....?
    Seriously, I'm in the RAAF, used to fly on P3 Orions(hence the avatar) and am now working in a Navy headquarters advising the Navy on flyboy stuff.
  10. tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.......

    You will keep boyo!!!!! :evil:

    I start my day as a circulation manager for a newsagency at 3.30am and finish at 11.30am Mon-Wed-Fri, 10.30 Tue&Thurs
    I then come home to a forum full of whingers about the server being shit :p - as well as do behind the scenes stuff with Netrider.
    I also run Zoomantics, (funky banners that show at the top of the page) Sublimation business that prints photos/logos on coffee mugs, mousepads, stubby holders and the like.

    I also play dad to 2 little girls. Occasionally I play Husband as well.

    On Thurs & Friday evenings I also work in a Hospital that is frequented by huge names such as JohnnyO, Murili, Harry Kewel, Chubz to name but a few ;)

    In my spare time I sit here and drool over Fleur :oops:
  11. Phoney – Seriously

    I install / repair Commander telephone systems.
  12. Main job is a training and development consultant for a Job Network - basically teach others how to do their jobs e.g. employment consultants, marketers, admin etc. Outside of that I do resume development and interview practice for people who want it (for a small fee, of course!)

    I also do the odd spot of student training with my GF who is a well-respected Teacher of the Deaf, a bit of volunteer work and casual work with the Electoral Commission. Yes, I'm busy!
  13. i work at a cafe for MY money and spend my husbands on everything else :p
  14. Summer - Spray Sealing Crew Supervisor for Southern Asphalters.
    Winter - Selection and Design of treatments for road surfacing to be done in summer for Southern Asphalters.

    5-6mths spent living away from home on weeknights, the rest of the year spent reminding my family who i am.....

    love the job though, bucks and perks are damn good :cool:
  15. I browse this forum and look at eBay all day at work. That's what I did at my old job as well.
  16. I’m trying my hand at promoting, currently working on a euthanasia ocean cruise, have billed it as ‘once in a lifetime’, have sold a few tickets but having some difficulty booking a band for the voyage, if anyone can help please pm me.
  17. I'm a pipe dreamist!
    Who's eventually going to be a photojournalist and travel around the world taking photos and getting paid hansomely for it.

    Oh, and i want to be a firie, but i need to get fit and put on some muscle.

    At the moment i'm a rent-a-cop.
  18. I'm a Community Relations Officer for a not for profit. I spend my day writing funding submissions, generating media coverage, revamping the corporate image of the organisation, organising fundraising campaigns and talking to donors. The rest of the day is spent explaining what my job involves to the senior management who don't understand it and dealing with office politics. Ah give me consultancy work any day of the week. :grin:
  19. IT for the Vic Gov.... primarily in high availability systems and solutions.
  20. 5/7 Information Security Consultant
    2/7 Farming