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Jobs that require you to have a license

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Am interested to here people's views on the subject, basically i have been offered a position that requires me to have a license and also includes much better money, so really thought all sounded great until i started to think about my weekend hobbies 8-[ and then realised that should my luck run out it could put me in much worse position (ie, losing income) and with the ever increasing presence of Mr Plod well now i am starting to have second thoughts. See my job atm if i didn't have a license would be a bit of a pain to get to and from but not impossible

    Has anyone else been in this position when considering new offers? Am i over thinking the outcomes, if you have been in this position did you just take out insurance for income (to cover you for suspension time if things did go wrong, if there is such a thing). Never really considered external risks before as my current job is pretty secure (ie desk job pretty close to home)

    Hmmm what to do:-k
  2. I think there are some extra leniences that can apply when suspension is on the table if it will make you lose income....

    Worth looking into if the new job is going to be prefereable.
  3. get speeding fine, contest it, go to court, mention to magistrait, keep license but get bigger fine???????????????

    Just tossing up ideas here, i have no idea about this stuff...
  4. Not in Vic there are not.
    For any traffic offence that has a mandatory loss of licence, the ONLY hope is a not guilty finding.
  5. Hey stewy,
    Great question mate and something which probably enters our minds more than we think !
    The requirement for a licence is something which effects all of us.
    In some occupations, losing a licence can/will definitely mean losing your job merely based upon the unwanted publicity caused to the firm - I think of this every time I am tempted to 'open the taps' whilst out riding....

    If this is a concern for you, try and chat with a Financial Advisor (eg a company like AXA, for example) regarding loss of income protection but do check up on whether losing a licence due to an infringement covers this. This may be an avenue worth considering, which could leave you secure if anything was to occur.

    Some food for thought mate. Best of luck.
  6. I did a bit of a search... right you are!!

    Is the new job with ASIO by any chance? I was just thinking maybe they could make you up a weekend identity or something with a licence and everything.. so if you do get stung it can't be traced back to you. :-k:-$
  7. How many points have you got left?

    If it's 12, you can keep on the way you are, until they get a bit lower, then maybe modify your behaviour. Obviously you'll want to stay out the +40Km/h zone or whatever it is that result in an instant loss of license.

    Then again, you could get done for overtaking on a double, whilst wheelie-ing, through a school zone (for example) & lose it straight away...

    If you have only a few points left & a single infraction could see you loose it, it might not be such a swell idea, especially if you're on the road a lot.

    More money will also mean more money to spend on things like lawyers, point trading, etc.

    I guess if you have a good back up plan just in case, it shouldn't be too bad... Income protection or another job to fall back on.

    If it's a long term prospect, can you live happily with being a maniac on the weekends indefinitely?
  8. yeah it's not soo much i am in the crazy speed category (well i am now) but it's only cos they are dropping the farking speed limits on every road to 80 that used to be 100, so where i would once just get 1 point and a few $$$ i am now into license losing terrain, so was curious as and surely it must be a concern to other and was just wondering how other had gotten around it, maybe they have all given up road riding :cry:

    will go do some research into income protection cover thumb:

    cheers fellas
  9. I'm doing ok, I think I still have 9 points or so left.

    I'm not too worried, my work is cycling distance.
  10. Requiring your licence for your job does make you think that bit more about your adhesion to the road laws, something I know from not only my own situation but that of family and friends who are, in essence, professional drivers. I have to say that for me it's not that big a deal as I find that the aggravation that many of us proclaim in regards to the road laws/speed limits is pressed upon us by our own minds and this is the cause of the resultant stress.
  11. you can get 'loss of licence insurance', but only pays out a maximum of $1,000 a month to offset the expense of alternative transport ... not enough i guess if the job is driving full time.

    but take the job anyway if it's big dollars.. at least you"ll earn good money till summer, have some extra cash for Chrissy.. then just go back to old job
  12. Buy a faster bike, and when you go riding rather than commuting, remove the number plate. Then when you speed, make sure you do it with conviction. Wear plain leathers and a plain helmet. Nothing distinctive. Do not stop when you see flashing lights.
    I saw quite a large group of bikes that had a rather good idea. They all had the same number plate. Simply a sticker that went over the plate.

    PS I'm serious.
  13. so you reckon i need a r1 then, cos i can't ride for shit, but i have big balls so i reckon i could go pretty quick in a straight line :moped:
  14. Get the R1 mate... you won't look back (not that ya can with airflow gushing past ya at 250km/hr + (y)
  15. Just do it mate, be a little more careful where you open the throttle and you can deal with the consequences if and when the situation arises. There's plenty of jobs out there.
  16. Use a bit more caution and care on the choice of roads you open the throttle and then spend the extra cash on track days to compensate. :)
  17. It only covers loss of earnings due to being incapacitated by a preset definied list of illness or injury. I've never heard of income protection for loss of job except for mortgage insurance. I'd be interested to know more though.
  18. Lol I'm the opposite, I was riding to work every day and they kept picking me off for dumb things so I started catching the train so I don't lose my weekends haha.
  19. My job gave me a license to kill. *cue spooky music*