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Job Vacancy - Need some extra cash?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pink Angel, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. My girlfriend is the Manager for a reception centre in Kew.
    She is needing some staff to work as waiters at this centre on Fri, Sat and Sun nights. It is a casual position and you can work the day/s that suit you or even be on the books as an emergency. Also, the function centre only operates according to the bookings, ie: weddings, christening, engagements etc.

    Experience is not necessary but an enthusiasm to learn is. Best part is, the pay is "cash". :shock: :wink:

    If interested give Mary a ring on 0415 489808

  2. to stinking hot to be working atm :LOL:
  3. Cant help with the waiter thing but can supply a band for the function centre see www.rockwyse.com.au
  4. which person is u?
  5. I am the drummer :grin:
  6. Just a reminder that there are still positions available. You can work just one night a week or even a fortnight.

    Mary is a very easy person to work with. :grin:
  7. well I could bring my number of jobs up I guess :LOL: $$$!
    & close :)
  8. I have just spoken to Mary and she has had a number of responses from this forum. Thank you. But no response from guys.

    This job is also open to you guys as well so if you were thinking about it, give her a call.