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Job Interview - What to wear

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by synrgy, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Got a few interviews coming up soon and need some advise.

    Basically ive been working tech support (IT) jobs most of my working life. So my interviews were a suit. Work clothes are pants and shirt, no tie.

    Im going for a more hands on role now and have a few interviews for field service engineer positions. These guys where work pants and polo shirts with the company logo on them to work.

    What should i wear for the interview ? A suit still or should i dress down a little ?
  2. I've always been told (from people in the industry of job finding + managers) that always dress formal (shirt + slacks) no matter what the job is unless the company states "We prefer if you don't wear formal (cause we're cool ;) )" and then wear smart casual or whatever may be suggested (from the company - guideline) :) Hope that helps? I also would veer the same way, for most/all jobs, I'd go in shirt + slacks/suit for the interview, which I did for the whole 4 have ever gone for and all the jobs I got were me wearing casual because a sys admin is in the background, not seeing clients, well my job(s) anyway were like that :)
  3. Wear a suit. Shows them you take it seriously. If they tell you you can dress down once you've got the job, that's their call.
  4. suit it is then, thanks...
  5. Always dress at least one level better than everyone else in the office. You're in try hard mode and need to make a good impression. French cuffs if you have them :)

    Failing that, if you're a hot chick the sluttiest outfit you have is always good. That is, at least if I'm doing the interview.....

    And getting on all fours and growling like a tiger helps too.........
  6. Like everyone is saying, go the suit, or at least jacket and tie.
    Business gear, though, not a wedding suit FFS! :LOL:
    It can backfire sometimes. A couple of weeks ago I got feedback from an interview that they thought I was too serious and uncool for their particular headspace and I think it partially came down to me wearing a suit and being interviewed by a manager wearing a wifebeater :shock:
    Doesn't happen often, though.

  7. Rolling up sleeves and taking off your jacket in those situations is always a good sign of being prepared to get down and dirty and that you are more comfortable at a level other than the way you dressed. You have to play EVERY job interview by ear.

    A long sleeve shirt is mandatory though - it looks way better than a short sleeve shirt even if it's rolled up.

    Jacket may be over the top in some places, especially in summer. Polo shirts should only be done if you know it's ok though.

    If you REALLY want the job how about you ring up or even cruise by and check out the work culture first. I've done that before it shows how really keen you are.

    Remember, if it looks like you're overdressed, take your tie off and use it like a kamikaze headband. It's a last resort but they'll probably think you're f**ked up enough to work with them.

  8. And if you're going to wear a suit, get one that actually fits and wear it properly :).
  9. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  10. Everyone's right. No matter what the job, try and wear a suit and tie.
  11. guys look hot in suits

    nuff said
  12. Agreed. I personally never wear a tie, but always a nice shirt/suit. The suit can work both ways for you though, it can make you look confident and cool, or nervous, so be careful. (Try not to dress like a kid who's borrowed his dads suit in otherwords)

    If you're familiar with the workplace attidudes, you may be able to pull off a good shirt and pants, or even a polo if it's fairly layed back. You still want to look professional though.
  13. I'm going to buck the trend and say dress one level above what you would be expected to wear in the job.

    In this case slacks, shirt and probably a tie. I wouldn't ear a suit jacket.
  14. Concerned about being too formal, suit without tie would seem logical, or a shirt and tie without jacket.

  15. easy

    Mini-skirt, high-heels, Wonderbra.
  16. Given it's a hands on type job, i'd stick with the shirt and tie, going the suit may be a step too far. How many engineers do you ever see wearing suits??
  17. I interview them all day, and a fair few do.

    Suit and tie is fine. I just err on the side of caution. Then again, you can wear all your work gear if you don't have a suit and say you had to pop in between call-outs or whatever. They appreciate the effort and don't hold it against you. Get the gear for the second interview...

    God I'm lazy.
  18. SUIT 4 SURE

    I have run a few interviews in my job and a suit always impresses!!!

    Make sure it fits well!!!!
  19. A suit. Always.
    I always remember a really good saying:

    "Don't dress for the job you are interviewing for, dress for the job you want."
  20. All of the IBM guys, for years. We always hung shit on them for it if we crossed paths.