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Joan Baez is coming to Australia in August..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. .. What more can I say?

  2. That's got everyone reaching for the baby oil mate.
  3. Pissed that I missed Judy Collins when she was here last year. Joan Baez could be good. Maybe time to watch Silent Running and Woodstock again.
  4. she's 72 years old this year, this will definitely be her last Asutralian tour....
  5. If she's coming to do concerts, I hope special arrangements are made for the audience to have space to park their zimmer frames.
  6. :)

    I would have just nodded but they are missing :D
  7. wow you guys are pretty old... I mean wise :p
  8. yes, sadly, we are.

    But there's no music being made today that can compare with Joanie singing Dylan......
  9. Looked her up on the inter web. Wow, she was hot back in 1963. And she could sing. Did you have posters of her on your bedroom walls @hornet?
  10. I did :).
    New wife and self went to her 1974 concert in Sydney, the first time she had come to Australia.
    Her promoters booked the Horden Pavilion (seats 7,000) and put tickets on sale at $20. Joanie said she wouldn't come, because most of her audience would be students who couldn't afford that price. The promoters hastily booked the Sydney Showground (seats 20,000) and sold all the tickets at $6!
    22,000 of us waited patiently while everyone who'd paid got in and were seated, then listened for over 2 hours as she sang and played, with no warm-up act and no band, just a guitar! I shall never forget it.
    A week earlier Elton John who was the hot ticket at the time, got 15,000 people into Randwick Racecourse........
    Tickets for her Canberra show cost me $315! But I have second row seats, right in front of the stage!!!
  11. I just googled her - yeah she was HOT!
  12. awesome stuff .... Enjoy your night out:)

    Apparently in Brisvegas August 12th ... hmmmm
  13. So did she ever finally figure out how many roads a man must walk down?