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JJ gets to know the GPX.........

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Iffracem, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Headed up to X913's place in launceston (from Snug, south of Hobart) on Satdee morning, thoroughly sick and tired of the Midlands hwy, so chucked a left at the Milton Mowbray Pub, pointed the beast towards Bothwell.

    Loverly stretch of road, mainly gentle sweepers and bends with generally good views, and bugger all traffic :grin: Just the thing to settle into the the seat and get a feel for the noo toy, very pleased with the old GPX, rock solid and pretty comfortable. Just need to raise those bars a tad to ease the strain on the upper arms/shoulders, thought I might need to bring the footpegs forward when I first got the bike, but really they are comfortable just where they are.
    Blew the cobwebs out of the carbies and zorst on a couple of long straights ..... sweeet! :twisted:

    Bothwells' a friendly little town with some nice old buildings, next time I'll check out the bakery and take a wander around, but this time it was breeze on thru and head up the valley towards Poatina.

    Another long straight with excellent vision all the way down the valley greets you a little way out of Bothwell, the fly fishers here will feel the lure (pun) of the fly fishing and want to stop at the mass of lakes and streams. The boy racer will fell the need for speed.....

    Then it's up the hills for a go at the twisty bits, starts off gently, with the paddocks and farms giving way to the forested hills. Then "right turn clyde" at the Poatina turnoff. Now its fun, tighter turns and awesome scenery!! Also where I hit my first (and only) snag. I'd be going great guns into the 25 and 15 kph sign-posted corners, getting good response from the brakes and "anti-dive" system, gradually improving my cornering lines, then after a couple of corners that I attacked with a fairly fast entry I found my brakes weren't as good as they should be.
    No loss of pressure, just initially less effective, but improving as the brakes were held on.

    Hmmm, time to back off.

    No worries tho, the view was worth the quieter pace (funny, I seem to like the slower pace these days, must be getting old)

    Gets to Poatina, which was one of the many workers villages when the Hydro system was being built. Many of these villages are now holiday shacks, or "resorts" and "challets". Poatina was bought lock stock and barrel by a religous group for training and camps, they sold off some of the houses, but still run the store etc.

    While sipping a ginger beer I inspected the beast, found everything in good order, except the cause of my brake woes.

    The "anti dive" solenoid on the front right fork had some oil over it, seemingly coming from where the wire from the front brake switch enters the top. This fork oil was spraying back onto the disk, so after a hard brake into a corner the disk would get a film of oil on it, so next brake application would be less effective, until the oil was burnt off.

    Not much to be done, only happens when giving a hard go into a corner, fork still dampened OK, so back into the saddle.

    Travelling more sedately, but still great fun, down from Poatina (and despite the best efforts of a loverly lady in the shop, STILL A HEATHEN :twisted: ) through more twisty stuff, gradually flattening out to some relatively boring straights as you get towards Longford and Launnie. Also more traffic :mad:

    Into launnie, greeted by Goat (fellow fat bastard member)and x913 and escorted to his place.
    Time for a chat, drink and drop off the gear and it's back into the saddle for a sprint down to scottsdale for a quick lunch and back.

    Now there's a famous bit of road on the way called "the Sideling" it's twisty heaven. Road surface is getting a bit poor these days with lots of trucks and tourist traffic, but still good on a dry day with good suspension.
    NOT good if you have an oily disk :cry: , and as goat found out, not good if the back shock on your bandit1200 is knackered.
    Anyways only took going into one corner too hot for the oily disk to tell me I'm a farkin idiot, so back off and enjoy the scenery again.

    Back up the range was better, as the uphill run took the pressure off the brakes and it all became much smoother.

    Back in Launnie it was time to stock up on BBQ supplies, quick freshen up and into a serious attempt at the great Ozzie pastime of beer, wine, burnt offerings and lots of talking and laughing. Sadly the long day got to me, and around midnight I hit the wall, in bed not long after.
    Next day it was up and into town for that excellent stomach settler... pancakes, maple syrup and fresh coffee :wink:

    Pick up some 100mph tape to steady a loose fender (a previously repaired and re-broken mount) and say goodbye to Goat and x913, then back home to Snug.

    Uneventful trip down the Midlands, got home around 4:00 Sundee.

    So what did I find out about the GPX??

    It's a beauty mate :cool: !!
    The leaky solenoid will be fixed with a new set of O rings, the old ones having dried out, fork oil replaced at the same time.
    Engine never missed a beat, suspension settings all sorted out now, & apart from the solenoid, no leaks, no problems, no worries. Pretty damn good for 19yo girl that cost $2500 :grin:

    All it needs is a damn good tune, a set of risers to raise the bars a bit (the parts manuals suggest that the GTR1000 use the same top yoke and mounts :wink: ) some repairs to the exhaust and foot pegs that I already knew about. The cosmetics will happen whenever.

  2. Sounds good mate, congrats on the find :)

  3. so the Across is not missed then ...... great report by the way.....envious as all sheeit there.