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Jinx has left the Building, See ya Mate

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. It doesn't matter if you like Cats or Dogs,
    It still amazes me how they make there way into your heart and how it hurts so bad when they are gone.

    The Missus and I one day went into a Pet store to get some supplies for our fish tank, while I was getting the plants and fish food, the Missus wandered to the big cage outside where they keep the cats for sale.

    All these cats came running up to the mesh, show some interest in the human but then walked away, but one little multi coloured guy just kept wandering backwards and forwards, bleating and yelling, stomping her little front legs up and down (The Kitten, not the wife), for the wife it was love at first sight.

    I came out to see what had caught her attention and watched as this tiny ball of fur took a tumble down the ramp in the cage, but still continued to stomp and bleat.
    Any Cat that uncoordinated had to be ours! After a check by the Vet
    Jinx was home!

    She was like no other cat we have ever owned, She run around and bounced off walls (try explaining Cat paw prints 3 feet up the wall to the rental guys when inspection rolled around) When some one came to the door she ran down the back of the house growling like a dog, She had a Meow like some kind of demented dove. She loved to pick on our other cat Tazz. But it was her almost unfeline lack of grace that was the best to watch, she miss judged jumps and leaps, She drifted around the tile floor and crashed into walls and doors.

    She enjoyed patrolling the house looking for and eating Cobwebs :shock:

    She was mainly the Wife's cat and followed her around like some kind of lost child, Wherever the wife was, Jinx had to be there to.
    She really only ever joined me when I was on the computer, sitting on the back of my chair, dozing quietly.

    But our crazy little Multi coloured Moungrel has now left us, Taken by a Bone marrow disorder that meant her little body was destroying her own blood faster than she could replenish it.
    She wasn't in any pain, she just became more rundown and with less and less energy.
    They still don't know what causes it, they don't even have a name for it yet it's so new.

    Our Vets worked hard for over a week to figure out to save her, but after all of there efforts and with help from a number of there colleagues.
    They gave us 3 options all with a 10% or less chance of working.
    But as much as we wanted Jinx to stay, Months of painful treatment just to make us happy would not have been fair on her.

    We knew we had to do the right thing by her and say goodbye.

    So we let one of our "Kids" Go, That was the hardest phone call I have ever had to make in my life, I have always loved Cats, When I was growing up with an abusive Father, My cat "Itsy" was my best friend.
    I have more respect for Animals than I do more a lot of people I know.

    Goodbye little Mate, you will be very sadly missed.
    Jinx 2004 - 2008

    Sorry to ramble on, but I just had to get this out. Thanks.
  2. Always sad to lose a pet. RIP Jinx.
  3. Sounds like a brillant cat to have had around

    RIP Jinx
  4. Sorry to hear you had to let your friend go. It is tough but memories of Jink will stay. You may just have to put your own foot prints on the wall!

  5. Sounds like she was a real character.

    Sorry for your loss.
  6. RIP Jinx, you sounded lovely!

    We've had cats all my life, and it's always sad to see them go, especially when you have to make that tough decision!

    Hope your next one gives you as much joy!

    Butz. :beer:
  7. That's brought a tear to my eyes, cats, dogs, any animal is a joy to have and love. I've got two cats and two dogs. My cats are mad and the dogs crazy, but we all work really well together. Feeling for you, you have lots of memories, think of them to bring a smile.
  8. +1 what everyone else said. :cry:
  9. I am so very sad for your heartbreaking loss
    it is never easy to loose a pet and especially after such a short time sharing your life with them.

  10. sorry for your loss.
  11. You've reminded me again that no pet lives forever, except in our hearts.
  12. Most parents won't live to feel the pain of losing a child.
    Most parents of pets do.. And it is very hard... :(

    You gave Jinx a great life and she enjoyed every second of it and that's what counts for Jinx.

    ***RIP Jinx***
  13. Thanks everyone for your kind words. :)