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Jindabyne to Katoomba possible routes? seeking local NSW folks help pls?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ceska, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Jindabyne to Katoomba to Wiseman's Ferry - Route Feedback


    I'm just planning our annual motorbike trip this year & we're heading to Jindy, Katoomba then up to Qld's Hinterland.

    Jindy to Katoomba
    Maps from VIC to Jindy ok & done plenty of times (with many choices!)
    I'd like feedback on the route from Jindy to Katoomba given NSW folk know their local roads as well as I know VIC and then Katoomba to Wiseman's Ferry

    NB: Specifically we've opted NOT to go from Tumut to Yass via Wee Jasper as there's gravel involved; the risk assessment was done taking into consideration time lost taking it easy on gravel vs. hwy danger & slabbing it.

    ....or this option which will miss lots of hwy http://goo.gl/maps/cxKI

    Katoomba to Wiseman's Ferry via the Putty Rd
    Are stop points ok? Any suggestions on fuel / food / sightseeing / must see stop etc?

    Thanks in advance :woot:


    PS - Also added to NSW Thread for local opinions....
  2. ok, even if your not going to take the yass rd, I recommend taking a lunch break at yass and then doing the rd down to wee jasper. It really is worth while. If you do that, there is a half a kay hard dirt section thats a decent surface a few kays from wee jasper and there is still a decent bit further on. Dont just turn around at the first sight of dirt. If not, then head up towards cootamundra and take the back roads round to taralaga. Stay off the highway as much as possible.
  3. Thx Lillley, seems best to structure this section of the tour into 2-days; we can capture some sights (no wee jasper as the other half just refuses to do anything that resembles gravel regardless unfortunately!) & avoid hwy. I've remapped http://goo.gl/maps/cxKI with your suggestion & for the sake of an extra 50ks, its much better indeed. Cootamandra also looks like a decent sized town to stay in overnight, as we don't want a repeat of last summer - getting caught in the middle of the twisty mountains after dark... wildlife is out in force & numbers! 8-[
  4. Regarding the second one (Putty Road) - I'm not sure what, if anything, is at Laguna. I don't recall anything much aside from a road and houses, at least.

    Wollombi, just north of Laguna, has a pub on the main intersection which is well patroned by motorcyclists and car clubs most times I've been there. Could be worthwhile stopping there instead. :)

    There's fuel at either Broke or Mt. Thorley (I forget which). Can't recall if there's fuel at Wollombi.

    See if we can get Goz into this thread, 'cause he'll have a better memory than me. XD
  5. Thx Spots, originally I'd routed Wollombi as a stop for lunch as its mentioned in the motorcycle hema maps - then I came across some data elsewhere that suggested Laguna has some cafes :-k I can change back (just seemed a good point given twisties keep going thru to Laguna).

    Also how good is the Putty Road? It looks like a stack of long sweepers, with nothing tighter than 45-50k corners... is that correct? How patrolled is the area during the wk?
  6. there is fuel at broke.
  7. Just in case I wasn't being clear, I meant start from Yass and head towards Wee Jasper.

    Also, if she is that temperamental about a bit of dirt, she's gonna be majorly disappointed with the wolombi run.
  8. Oh, okay. :) Like I said, I wasn't aware there were things in Lagunaland. :)

    I've only done the Putty Road a handful of times (maybe 8-9 times all up in the last 10 years?) as I've never really lived "near" the road and tend to move around a lot with work.

    The southernmost part is nicely twisty and hilly with a speed limit of ~80kph and some fun corners and spectacular views. The northernmost part (called "10 mile", just north of Howes Valley) is superdooper squiggly and fairly tight with a speed limit of ~60kph as the road follows the contours of a creek/river and a rockface.

    There's a few interesting bits between the northernmost and southernmost extents too.

    The frustrating part is that the middle-ish parts are much more open and flat than the rest of the road (with a ~100kph limit), so there's some temptation to travel faster in order to (1) shorten the time waiting for the next set of tight corners and (2) make the gentle curves in the road into sweeping bends. No doubt the police will be anticipating such behaviour too.

    I can't speak for how heavily policed the road is or is not; one of the Sydney-based guys could help out better there. :)

    Oh, they still haven't re-paved the last of the bit between Broke and Wollombi?
  9. I thought there was a bit of dirt/gravel on the road between Goulbourn and Oberon.... Might be mistaken but I'll check my Motorcycle Atlas tonight.

    Putty Rd begs you to open it up on some straights :) and is very scenic in sections, especially the northern end. You need to concentrate though, especially in the tighter stuff. Patrolled most weekends, much quieter mid week.

    The Goulburn to Oberon Road is a New South Wales country road linking Goulburn near the Hume Highway to Oberon. The road is designated as Main Road 256 and is "seen as a future bypass of Sydney".[1]

    At its northern end, the road passes through imposing plantations of radiata pine trees that supply the timber complex of Oberon.

    It is now fully sealed, having undergone extensive work between 2002 and 2008. The final section of around 5 km long, located between the Abercrombie River and the end of Wombeyan Caves Road was sealed in February 2008. In 2007 the Upper Lachlan Shire received a grant of $710,000 over 3 years from the New South Wales Government to cover one third of the cost of realigning and sealing that remaining section and will allocate $1,420,000 of council funds over those three years to complete the work.[1] With the support of Oberon Council the work was completed in the first year
  10. Thx SPOTS, ur tops m8!

    99CIBBER - Brilliant detail thank-you, I may need to get the newly released Hema map b4 this trip with updated info...

    Ahhh I c, thx Lilley. BTW I'm the 'she' & the other half is the 'he' :LOL: Given he washes our bikes, he gets to see all the stone chips, hence the reservation to do gravel willingly (yes I know don't say :rofl:) I think I'm going to suggest he paint his duco & put a protection layer on it given he's a little proud of his black baby! We're both used to gravel given our local experiences; the deal is that if he doesn't know its there he'll do it, yet if it can b planned otherwise he'll opt out.

    With regards to Wollambi, is there gravel or just a gritty road btw Broke & Wollambi?
  11. Hopping the ferry and going up the road ahead is a hoot, was my old stomping ground for years. Fuel and food at Wisemans is no prob, and there's more once you hit Wollombi. Heading north out of Wolli has some great sweepers too, generally the road conditions I would describe as mixed i.e. smooth tar and rough hole-filled tar. As for Mr Plod well it's been over 2yrs since I rode it and he was fairly keen on weekends but less noticeable on weekdays. Peats Ridge patrols were just that, patrols, in all the years I was ripping that up I hadn't seen a stationary but again as you're doing check for more recent local knowledge m'dear ;)

    P.S. didn't look at your maps but if you want to do some slab you can always cut back east over toward Newcastle and pick up the highway again. New England may suit, also look at stopping in at Morpeth. Roads aren't too exciting but the town is a nice coffee break
  12. No worries! Just before you come in to Wollombi there is about 100m of hard packed dirt, no dramas at all! :)

    link: http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?h...=rCnxeBJuedAJui8E-xCRYg&cbp=11,353.17,,0,0.66

    You can also cut the corner @ Milbrodale and go straight to Broke, (Fuel up) before heading into Wollombi for some Jungle Juice :)
  13. Thx Sharkass.... we'll reserve slabs heading north I think (or maybe not by the looks of these maps!!)

    now for the silly question... what is this Jungle Juice spoken of?!
  14. That sounds like a dangerously fun way to complete the ride & top off an evening in Wiseman's Ferry!! I'll ensure I hav room for this in my packing - cheers!
  15. If you do the Goulburn/Taralga - Oberon road you can continue to Bathurst and do a few laps of Mount Panorama before heading across to Katoomba :)