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Jindabyne and back!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bladewar, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking of going for a bit of a tour, its a great time of year weather wise so why not. Dates would be wednesday 26th january and returning on the monday 31st.

    Would head out to Bairnsdale > Bright > Albury > Corryong > Jindabyne > Buchan then return to bairnsdale and then back home.

    Has anyone else done this, and would be able to tell me estimated travel times, distances (or a resource that would tell me these things)

    Accomodation would be camping wherever, and just where i ended up would be dependant on the progress being made.

    So, whose up for a ride??

  2. Im starting in Geelong by the way :)
  3. The road from Jindy to Buchan if that's the way you thought of going is dirt, forget it.
    Me personally would go Bright, Tawong, Corryong blah blah blah miss Albury alltogether
  4. Check out route planner
  5. Bairnsdale to Bright is about 3 to hours, depending on how many stops, how fast, etc. you go. Depending on when you leave home, you may want to stop at Dinner Plain, near Mt. Hotham for lunch. From there to Bright is about an hour, at the most. Bright to Corryong is about 3 or so hours, depending on the route. From Geelong, I'd suggest that Bright would be the end of the first day. From there, a good run would be to Corryong for lunch, then up into the Snowies past Tumut 1 and 2, back to Tumut (township), or across to Jindabyne.

    Never camped on any of these trips. Stay at the Alpine Hotel Bright, or at Tintaldra, which is about 15 mins. from Corryong. Dunno what's at Jindabyne.

    Will be a good trip, though.
  6. I would be interested if you returned on the SUnday rather than the monday.

    Keep me posted
  7. am open to suggestion about the return time Skuffy, its just thats how many days i have off so i thought ide leave plenty of time :) which i think i have by the sounds of those times. will check out route planner.
  8. Hey Bladewar, I also live in Geelong... Where about are you? I am in the Highton area.

    Interested in going for a ride down to Port Fairy this weekend?
  9. Im Corio based.
    To warnambool. i thought you were going to Merrimbula? is it a day trip? But yeah ide be up for it.

    By the way, how do you feel about camping and counter meals for the trip to Jindabyne???
  10. im going to cancell this ride. Have too much to do on those dates now. But i will go on the port fairy ride