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Jim's new Gixxer 7 fiddy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Most people have their sports bikes when they're young then get sports tourers then finally cruisers. I did dirt bikes for 25 years, bought a cruiser which I wrote off then bought a 2006 1200 Suzy Bandit which was good til I decided I liked riding faster around corners then once I'd ridden Phillip Island at Superbike School, decided I needed something quicker so for my 41st birthday bought a white / grey Gixxer 750. Ordered it with Pilot Powers and a Yoshi but 2 month wait for the pipe. Next is fender eliminator, rim stickers, Oxford grip heaters (for my other half).

    Here she is:



  2. Nice bike enjoy!

    The gsxr 750's are nicely balanced and feel soooo composed in the corners.
  3. When you are offered a trackbike and end up with heated grips, there is a word for it........... FAIL!!! :LOL:

    Seriously Jim, congrats on your latest purchase. Looking forward to seeing it.
  4. Congrats, Very nice bike :eek:
    Cant go wrong with the white paint scheme, clean.

    The Yoshi R55 pipes are probably the best slip-on you could get, not too loud but a nice sound.
  5. Nice bike! Any higher resolution pictures? Pretty please?
  6. great looking bike, enjoy those corners
  7. Yeah, bite me Deb :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ... I may want it for a track bike, but after Saturday morning, I will not be freezing my fingers off on that thing again. I WANT HEATED HAND GRIPS DANM IT.......

    Thanks bub, I just mite do that :wink: ...... *grabs gixer keys and slips them into her pocket*
  8. Stunning machine, grats :cool:
  9. ooooh... nice and shiny, I like :)

    Oxford Heated Handgrips on a sports bike = Fail.....chunky horrible fcuking things put some dual stars on and be done with it
  10. Grats. Although I demand bigger pics!
  11. Just grow some nuts and have NONE :grin:
  12. Bwhahahaha... says he who comes over to my bike to warm his hands up before he goes to have a pee.

    for those of you who wanted bigger photos
    clicky on the pics below..




  13. Thanks bub, I just mite do that :wink: ...... *grabs gixer keys and slips them into her pocket*[/quote]

    Them Gixxer keys have been living in your pocket :)
    Thanks for putting those pics up too...I have camera issues at the minute.

    Had it up at Reefton today. A lot of the road is resurfaced so lotsa stones and sticky stuff but still plenty of good road. Gixxer is sooo much faster smoother and stable than the old bike. Stands to reason obvioulsy but that was a quick 250km put away this morning. Wrists a bit sore but they'll condition (won't they?)

    Thanks for the comments guys, it is a magic beastie and just what I was after. It's that stable on any surface at any speed.

    Just got my insurance papers after transferring the Gixxer. $310 per year. Might have to query that as it's cheaper than the Bandit. Might be change of address too.
  14. That looks frikken awesome, Love the white colour scheme!
  15. one word jim...


  16. It's a dirty white ho (thanks pnuckle)

    Dirty cause it's always covered in insects
    White cause it's white
    Ho because the rego starts with HO

    Must go clean it now.

    Actually first mod's been done.

    Picked it up last Thurs, it had 999km by Sunday (thanks for doing that for me bub)
    First service Monday and they got rid of the gay reflectors on the forks and replaced them with APRILIA hex head bolts!!

    Next has GOT to be the rear fender.

    It now has 1500km on it. You know what, I think I may commute to work on the SV1000 - too many kms been racked up on the ho!!

  17. An emotion, 3 letter word.


    Grats again on the bike, absolutely gorgeous.
  18. Hey Jim,
    Awesome looking bike mate and stunning colours.
    Great to see another Gixxer out in the 'burbs :)

    Safe happy riding mate.
  19. Oooooohhhh verrrry nice... =P~

    Excellent taste :)
  20. The colour gets the most comments followed by number of KMs (1500 in 7 days) and state of the rear tyre (2mm chicky strips thanks to Faye).

    New job in Dandenong starting Monday. Thankfully employer allows bike parking in secure guard-controlled basement.

    Bike is a good commuter too - been doing 50k each way this week.
    Betterplaything but. If wasn't for the weather was going down to Arthurs Seat tomorrow. Oh well...