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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jimonabuell, May 6, 2015.

  1. G'day all, live in Perth ride a Buell.
    Ride well. Jim on a Buell. 8-|.

  2. Howdy Jim, welcome to NR!
  3. Welcome Jim, Good to see a Buell rider on the forum. Here's hoping Eric Buell can resurrect the company again. The USA deserves a range of manufacturers.
  4. Welcome aboard Jim. Always had a soft spot for Buell, was seriously considering an XB12 Firebolt at one point but the whole 'company no longer exists' thing put me off.
  5. Welcome
    I suspect that in 50 year's time Buells will be collector and restoration bikes, in the same way Nortons and Triumphs are today....
  6. Thank you Jaytee, NR is new to me.
    cjvfr, yes pity about Buell.
    hyperspex, thank you.
    Quick to add I like All Bikes really I have even thought about waving to Scooters, lols. Really I have.
    Hornet. A 900 Hornet also. I remember one at Symons plains Being very quick Club bike.
    Thank you all.
  7. Welcome to the forum
  8. welcome from a scooter rider ;) - i reckon most people don't realise I am riding a scoot till after they have passed me :p
  9. Hi Jimona.
  10. welcome aboard Jim :]
  11. G'day Jim, welcome to both you and the Buell. Any pics of your bike for us to look at?