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Jimi - 1st off :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all.

    Just got home from a ride and experienced my 1st off. It wasn't serious, and I only have a couple of scratches (barely there) on my leg. The bike smashed an indicator and some fairing damage.

    I was going around a corner, was half way through and spotted the gravel... my options were keep going, and risk sliding the bike out, or straighten up, try to break before hitting the curb. I went option B, but still hit the curb with enough force to come off.

    I got straight up, picked up the bike and started it up, and rode home.

    I have just walked in and HAD to tell someone (but most definately NOT the family), so here is me venting...

  2. shit eh... you'll live, the bike will live, and now you're way tuff :cool:
  3. Well at least you've gotten that first off out of the way without causing too much damage or injury, it sucks but all you can really do is fix the bike and get back out there.
  4. Welcome to the 'Crash Club' Jimi! Glad to hear you're ok..

    How fast were you going?
  5. so we will see coffee tonight. hope you get better soon
  6. Can't come to coffee tonight - mates birthday drinks (anmd I know I need one)

    Randy-rider - surprisingly not quick, hence the lack of damage to me and the bike, just too quick to stop on gravel and quick enough to throw me off.
  7. As long as you're not hurt it's all good...but you know what the family will say "I told you you'll die on that thing...now sell it"
  8. bad luck mate sorry to hear it....

    yeah i know all about worrying families! :cool: :LOL:
  9. oops, but it could have been worse. Onward and upwards, we live, and thus we learn.
  10. Sorry to hear about your off glad to hear thet you and the bike are ok, i know what you mean about not wanting to tell the family but just reasure them that it is likely that almost everyone will have at least one off in their lifetime and now you have had yours and were able to walk away unhurt from it ;) ....Anyway welcome to the crash club :).
  11. Bad luck mate - but I reckon next time go for the gravel, your wheels might slide a bit but if you relax and let the bike correct itself it's usually not so bad.

    I say this having slipped on gravel at very high speeds and steep lean angles in the twisties, and the bike has gripped again and got me through with nary but a pucker o'the rectum and a new pair of jocks required. Last time I panicked and hit the brakes when I saw gravel in a corner, I smashed into an oncoming bus. You were lucky no traffic was coming the other way.

    If you make a habit of standing up and grabbing the brakes, it's also not going to serve you well out in the twisties where the other side of the road might be a cliff face or a 40ft drop.

    Slow yourself down as much as you can in a straight line, and try not to commit to a harsh lean angle, then just trust the bike. There's possibly also a line you can take through the corner to minimise the amount of gravel you go over.

    You're probably going to see a lot more gravel in the corners (some country roads have stacks of it, particularly where there's steep gravel driveways etc) and you probably should get used to dealing with it.

    Anyway bad luck, and I hope you get it all fixed up again soon.
  12. bad luck
    good to see you had your wits about you and made a good decision not riding thru it
  13. Bit of bad luck Jimi but get back on the bike and soldier on..

    We've all done it champ :shock: :shock:

    P.S......Shut up Loz ya flamin pickle!!!
  14. What are you talking about you CLOWN, who has the most crashin' experience here? :LOL: