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Jewelery Blag

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Yeah, though being the UK it'll probably result in all motorcycles being banned from going anywhere within a 5 mile radius of a shopping centre. ;)
  2. Bloody showy Londoners :D .

    Now Bristolians, OTOH, have a far higher level of inherent criminality but get on with it in an understated and unobtrusive manner. Like stealing half of Bedminster high street one memorable weekend :devil:. Council put down nice new brick paving in newly pedestrianised street. Local bigwigs do official opening of development on Friday. Usual shopping crowds Saturday. Monday morning most of the bricks are missing but there's a lot of work on new paths and driveways going on up in Knowle West. Sunday must have been a reenactment of the Berlin Airlift but with grotty Transits instead of DC3s :LOL:.
  3. Haha, that photo looks like a publicity stunt by Triumph!
  4. Typical Trumpy riders. So worried that their Striples will be nicked they don't even park up outside anymore.
  5. Police have no leads as all the witness's could say was "Sorry mate, I didn't see them"
  6. We're in the self preservation society (2012 version).