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Jett Vest - mini review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RacingTurtles, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Well, summer is on its way, here in Sydney we hit 37 degrees recently... it seems like a perfect time to talk about electric heated vests! Jett "Hawaii" vest in particular, because this is the one I just ordered after reading a review in webBikeWorld. It sounded good, and when I learned the vest was in fact produced by an Australian company, I decided to order one. It arrived in the mail just two days later.

    The vest has two interesting features. One, unlike other such products I've read about (for example Gerbing), it is powered by its own battery, rather than plugging into the bike. This could be considered a disadvantage in a sense, but it has a couple of benefits as well: for one thing, there is no need to modify anything on the bike, or to remember to unplug before getting off. For another, its use is not limited to the bike - I fully intend to include it in my regular winter wardrobe, at least some of the time!
    The other nice thing is that unlike my old electric blanket, there are no wires conducting the heat, or at least, they are not noticeable. Obviously something is conducting the heat, but whatever it might be, it cannot be felt so the net effect is just of heat spreading evenly through the whole garment.

    The battery pack is not heavy - I would say it weights about as much as a decent block of chocolate, about 250-300 grams, perhaps? and it fits in the inside pocket on the lower front side of the jacket. Below hangs little controller which provides on/off and three heat settings; low, med and high. According to webBikeWorld, the battery will last up to 4 hours on high setting and up to 8 hours on low, although their leaflet warns it should not be turned on for more than an hour at a time. In any case, I only lasted about 10 minutes on low setting before I was truly toasty already. This is truly advanced technology because once turned on, the jacket warms up almost immediately - long cry from the electric blankets I've used. Battery is of rechargeable variety, and both the charger and battery pack are included in the price of the vest. In fact, thanks to webBikeWorld special offer, I was able to get a spare battery pack at no extra cost.
    The vest itself feels soft and nice, appears to be well made and supposedly it is waterproof as well. Naturally it has to be worn over some other garment, not against bare skin.

    In short,I'm very pleased at the moment since this looks like it should be an excellent addition to my riding gear... for more info and pictures, have a look at webBikeWorld review, and Jett website