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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by wernicke, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. anyone on here into them/own one/ keen to try? Before getting into bikes i was deciding on either getting one or sticking to a bike. well i decided on the bike and feel i made the right choice. had the chance to take some skis out in the surf whilst on a overseas trip last month. anyway they are good fun but hell hard on your body. 1 hour on one in rough water and you will be feeling pain you didnt know possible. the rush of launching it through the surf is awesome before you take of but on landing you will be feeling it.

  2. yeah ive been on one.. my cousin has a racing 250CC jetski.. love the feeling of going 90odd KPH over the waves and jumping it 3 - 4 fet out of the water.. i spend ages fanging round on it and had a blast. thing about it is if you buy one, are you going to get the use out of it, if the answer is yes, i dont think you'd be wasting their money, they are a blast.
  3. Would love to jump on one and belt about, looks absolutely awesome fun.
  4. jetskis are motorcycles on water. Sadly, you should have 2,cos you need to race someone. they aren't as much fun on your own.
  5. Yeah been there done that, If you really want to try one out go hire one. then see if your still keen.

    People think bikes are high maintenance machines :grin: their nothing compared to a jetski :shock: :LOL:
  6. The is plenty of other people with Personal water craft .{jetski is a kawasaki :wink: }to hook up and go for a ride with .

    Have a look at OZPWC.COM ,its a Aussie site ,lots of info and ride days ,it's just like netrider ,but with PWC's.

    Iv'e had a few skis stand up and sit down ,but like Bob said ,they cost alot to run and look after.
    I had a 80L fuel tank on mine ,cost $100 +++ for a day out ,it got to $$$ ,bikes are cheaper. :)

    He's some pic's of me ,jumping some waves and at a race day .


  7. :WStupid:

    Yeah, what he said.

    A jet ski is a Kawasaki that you stand up on (Yamaha also make a pole ski' now) and are not as easy as they look, a PWC you sit on and any DH can ride one.

    Between me and my mates we have 7, 550 Jet Skis that we generaly take in the surf off Flinders on Inveloch, or when we go up to Echuca we set up a circuit that we race around.

    But if you do get/ride one please dont be a d1ck, they have a bad reputation from all the rich knobs buying them and acting like turds around other water users.
  8. I've ridden one a few times, but I'm more of a land person. I had a blast sitting on the back, but got bored after 20mins when it was just me on the front... I didn't have the skill to do the tricks myself, and didn't have enough interest to learn.

    It's harder than I expected! Mind you, I couldn't balance a motorbike 1st time either :LOL: . Oh, and after the 1st time I did it - the next day I could barely walk. It was like doing squats the whole time coz we were jumping waves etc for 3hrs. The next day, of course the lifts weren't working so I had to granny my way up the stairs, clinging to the railing :oops: . It was easier the following times, but that first time was a killer!
  9. Jetskis, or PWCs are great fun. But expensive to run. I owned a Sea-Doo for a while. It has a Rotax 3 cyl 2 stroke engine of around 800cc pumping out 130hp. Good for over 100 kays across the water when it's flat.

    I would chew through 70l of fuel in a short afternoon. A mate of mine who owned two of them would spend around $300 (in 1999 dollars) in an afternoon. That's both boats filled up and two or three 20l jerry cans for spares.

    Back then you didn't need a licence. Now days you do. It's a standard boat licence that has a PWC endorsement. So you need to sit a test, etc..

    And it's linked to your car/bike licence, too. Although it's a separate card it has the same number. I presume too, that if you lose one for whatever offence you lose the lot.

    I ended up selling mine because it sat in the shed for 9mths of the year and used the dough to get back into bikes after a 6 year hiatus. Haven't looked back.

    If I ever win Lotto I'd probably get another one, and probably a conventional boat too, along with the waterside holiday house at some exotic resort, private helipad, etc.. You know, all the crap that everyone gets when they win Lotto...