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Jetskis! Whats the hotness ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by synrgy, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. My girlfriend is looking to buy a jetski, sit down style not the standup ones. Waverunner ? Like this one - http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats-fo...aspx?R=3139468

    Look at a max of 5 grand... We know places we can ride so thats not a problem.

    What should we be looking for ? Do we need any type of licenses ? What other equipment apart for a trailer are we up for ? Ive never owned any type of water craft before...

    I do all the work on my bikes & cars so am pretty good with the tools i think i could get most of the maintenance done on my own if its not too hard.....

    What make & model would you recommend ? also we want a bit of grunt, but not too much that she kills herself.
  2. yeah ul need a licence dude, just pop down to ur local IGA , grab a box of wheeties and you should find ur licence in there somewhere.:D
  3. You'll need a boat license as far as I know. I think boat trailers need to be registered and parts are expensive...
  4. In NSW, PWC licenses are different to boat ones (at least they were when I had a proper boat license). See the website.
  5. Wonderful devices they are, I'd love to have a play on one. However, my enthusiasm for jetskis has taken a bit of a hit this week with the news that a good friend of mine was killed in a tragic accident on his jetski in Canberra a couple of days ago.

    James was, as this obituary will attest, the nicest of guys, a keen motorcyclist and a dedicated family man. Such a waste of a wonderful life.


    So, I guess I'm saying that, like anything other motorised sporting pursuit, it's fun, but for God's sake, be careful.
  6. See OZPWC.COM

    Its just like this site with info on licencing and what ski to get ,tips and tricks on looking after your ski and rides with other riders in your area.
    You can even get out on a race track and have some fun and get into racing ,all the clubs are on the site with days and dates to go and join in.
    OZPWC promoted responsible and safe riding and has alot of very very experienced riders ,racers and mechanics all willing to help you out on the forum.

    I've had a few skis stand up and sit down and its alot of fun ,it was just to $$$ to spend more then 1 day a week riding ,when I would use 70 litters of fuel on a ride day ,riding 100+ kms .

    It was sad to read about the accident last week and condolences to the family.
    The place in canberra where they where riding is like a small lake with only 10 boats at a time allowed on the water at once .
    Get out into the open water and away from boat ramps and people in the water and you can go nuts and its a safe sport.
  7. Isn't this guy the hotness?