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jetpacks at last!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thecptn v1.1, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Finally!! jetpacks!


    Actually it isnt a gas turbine engine, but a v4 two stroke that runs on reg fuel and makes about 200hp.


    This video states that it will include a parachute device and other safety equipent, awesome, hell im seriously thinking of getting one (hopefuly) in the future once they become affordable.
  2. Just don't put it on upside down.
  3. 75 grand makes it affordable to a huge market segment. comparatively simple design means mass produced will market for a third of that eventually. looks genuinely viable.
    all it needs is a rocket launcher that targets enemy radar and you have the ultimate commuter.
  4. Almost posted this story today myself.
    Something makes me think this is gonna be the "motorcycling" of the future.
  5. I find the performance claims very odd, more in keeping with safety recommendations than actual capability.

    Even in a helicopter, there is some ability to 'glide' in the event of engine failure. Don't like your chances of getting down in one piece if that engine stops.

    Could somebody explain the concept of a 2 litre jet engine to me? I would believe a 2 litre 2-stroke engine, and I would believe a small gas turbine, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the concept of the 2 litre turbine...

    On the bright side - it makes motorcycles look safe and responsible. I'm sure it'd be heaps of fun.
  6. Cool. They'll make a great getaway vehicle for bank jobs.

    Or with an optional afterburner you could hover low over speed cameras for a bit.
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  8. I want one.
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  11. i'm going to bunnings to buy some leaf blowers, then into my shed, not to be disturbed unless she is delivering refreshments
  12. Thats awesome though Im not sure about his comment about it being used for military purposes. All the enemy needs to take it down is someone with a shotgun, and someone to call out "Pull!"
  13. get ready for some major introductions of laws regarding air space use. We are talking air space speed limits, tightening of base jumping laws, and essentially the turning of any leisure use of these to utilitarian only. It wont take long...
  14. And stay away from birds...
  15. See I don't have that problem. They've usually been pretty good at staying away from me.

    Oh - wait! -
  16. I hate it when they crap on my windscreen.

    If they do that, I don't date them again.
  17. Wait... so it's basicly got a 2 liter version of the NSR500 engine? why the hell is it only making 200HP? From memory the last 500 could crank out 180~200HP alone... Find the other 600HP, stick it in a nice sleek jet bike frame, then call me :D
  18. There is a weak argument to make it all with a small high performance motor, working hard. Saves weight, which can then mean more fuel and range / time. There is a strong argument to make a bigger, lazier type motor, probably based on a 200hp outboard. Reliability. You really cannot have that thing break down, because if you're more than about 20 feet up and it coughs, you're dead meat.

    As I said before, the ability of a conventional helicopter, or fixed wind aircraft to survive an engine failure is patchy. Sometimes, you can get it down in one piece, sometimes it's touch and go, sometimes it takes the form of a controlled crash, heavy landing that does some damage but everybody survives, and it helps sell newspapers, but there are times and places where you just might really be screwed if the engine stops. This goes double for some of the smaller and cheaper light twin engined planes, which can glide better with one engine than no engine, but can't climb or even maintain their height if they're loaded up a bit. The problem with that thing is that once you're more than a foot off the ground, you're really at the mercy of the engine - all the time.
  19. I still want one.
  20. It comes with a parachute.