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Jet Vs Porche Vs Bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by enforcer, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. sweet.
  2. Oh no, Marty H is going to have a coronary :LOL:
  3. So, the bike had quicker acceleration than the car and the plane till the plane reached take-off velocity
    Then the car had quicker top speed after the plane had taken off and bike was ?flat-out?
  4. The bike must have been stuck in second gear!
  5. Martyh + Moike = explanation
  6. I'm not sure if the bike just slowed down at the end or if it was still full throttle.
  7. Yep the R1 was hammering and the rider was not too impressed that the el clutcho let go

    Cheers 8)

    and my larger screen version was better :p :p :p
  8. Some musings from the horse.

    Considering the aircraft weighs 7.5 tonnes empty, probably 8 tonnes at minimum safe fuel load, it didn't do half bad.

    By the time it reached its max speed at 1,593km/h, it was doing rather better than not half bad.

    At the point the aircraft overtook the bike there would have been around half a mile of runway left, or the pilot would not be able to safely abort.

    The GPU (Ground Power Unit) on that aircraft probably produces about 3 times the power of the bike, and that's just used to generate electricity and hydraulics when on the ground.

    The main engines probably produce enough power to run the factory that built the bike, with enough to spare for a small town.
  9. Now here is an interesting Bike v Plane example.


    In 1919 Glenn Curtiss rode that thing to 219.5 kilometer/hour. It is powered by a V8 aircraft engine of his own design. In the aircraft for which it was designed, it could only manage 160 kilometer/hour.
  10. yeah bikes still get braggin rights :)
  11. :LOL: :D :shock:

    Gawd dam.. Imagine doing over 200k's on that thing.. No thanks 8)
  12. They were brave/mad/whatever in those days! 120mph on board speedways, flying in planes made from baling wire and string, racing cars with tyres 3 inches wide and drum brakes, and we think we're taking risks? pfft
  13. :LOL: :LOL: True True
  14. mmmmm White tyres... Foooly Sik 8)

    Betchya there wasn't much cornering happening :shock:

  15. Absolutley correct. Cornering wasn't invented until early 1920, by the aristocratic Austrian engineer Count R. Steyr.