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Jet Turbine powered motorcycle

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Fa1c0n, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. You'd want to know where you were going because you'd get there pretty quickly! Obviously at Bonneville he'll have plenty of room to slow down too.....
  2. Back in the 1960's Chrysler Corporation experimented with the development of a Jet trubine powered car. They solved the porblems of : Noise, Heat, Durability, Reliability and even the production process. The car had plenty of power, even compared to the muscle cars of the era. What they couldn't solve was the ridiculously high fuel consumption. and therefore abandoned development.
  3. Maniacal! Looks like this was made in Scandinavia somewhere- wonder what happens when you have a come to jesus moment at those speeds...? reverse thrust :troll:
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  4. Don't get confused folks, the engine is like in a helicopter or turbopropshaft planes, the thrust is transmitted to the rear wheel via a gearbox. Not like an F18 or 747 for example.

    It would be cool on the straights, but the throttle lag would be terrible for cornering.
  5. You are correct, doesn't make it any less cool though! Haha.
  6. Says on his site he's building the engine himself? Brave man. A homemade turbine engine much like a fat stack of lithium batteries isn't something I'd want between my legs. All glory to him though, looks like fantastic fun.
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  7. Interesting. You could just buy a Y2K for $230,000 and be done with it.