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Jet Ski Accident

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by phil01, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. charged with homicide and sent to jail?.

  2. Bloke on holidays in the USA looked at his GF on the shore and ran up the back of another jet ski that had stopped in front of him, killing the girl on it. Got sued.
  3. on the news , young fella over in Hawaii , person stops in front of him, and he cleans her up. shes dead he is charged with Homicide.
    young aussie fella going through hell and hes just a kid.
  4. its just sad , the accident would have affected him for life without
    the law going mental
  5. If one of us got hit from behind and killed on our bikes by a car because the driver was distracted by something I would hope to hell the driver went to jail too. Homicide doesn't sound right but jail definately.

    I don't know any more but from what you guys have said it sounds fair enough.
  6. they both are to blame, ( shes dead so that kinda makes saying that wrong)
    she was not looking as well and stopped in front of him,
    he was in the wrong for not seeing that,
    but there kids running amok on jet skis, and i guess it s time to make an example of someone. But wow over reaction big time .
  7. Spot-on Smileedude.

    Ryan or Dagley then deleted the video files in attempt to mislead investigators and claim he was sitting down and looking ahead. So basically he was being a ********, not looking where he was going and this resulted in the girl's death. He and his GF then tried to cover it up.

    No sympathy. If you were on a bike and killed by this clown your family would want him put in jail as well.

    Link... think it was this one, but just google it. http://articles.nydailynews.com/201..._dagley-australian-tourist-negligent-homicide
  8. No one wins here, a family have lost their daughter and a young man will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Jail will do nothing to help anyone but I have a feeling he will go down. His only real hope is if the family show some compassion if there is a victim impact statement, on his behalf and I can't see them doing that right now.
    A foreigner in an American jail for a year will be a real tough gig. Not as tough though as what those poor parents of the victim are going through, I just imagine if that was one of my kids, gives me shivers.
  9. How about some links for context?
  10. uycuctk
  11. Oh NEGLIGENT homicide that's rather different.

    Negligent homicide in the third degree. (1) A person is guilty of the offense of negligent homicide in the third degree if that person causes the death of another person by the operation of a vehicle in a manner which is simple negligence.
    (2) "Simple negligence" as used in this section:
    (a) A person acts with simple negligence with respect to the person's conduct when the person should be aware of a risk that the person engages in that conduct.

    (b) A person acts with simple negligence with respect to attendant circumstances when the person should be aware of a risk that those circumstances exist.

    (c) A person acts with simple negligence with respect to a result of the person's conduct when the person should be aware of a risk that the person's conduct will cause that result.

    (d) A risk is within the meaning of this subsection if the person's failure to perceive it, considering the nature and purpose of the person's conduct and the circumstances known to the person, involves a deviation from the standard of care that a law-abiding person would observe in the same situation.
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  13. well i am having trouble with that lately
  14. Bloke on the jetski wasn't paying attention to what was happening in front of him, hit the girl, girl died.. he will go to jail for it.

    entirely his fault.

    and the fact he and his girlfriend deleted evidence is ridiculous.. trying to cover his own ass for a mistake that would of been prevented had he been paying attention to what was happening.

    as previous people have said, if you were at the lights and a clown ran up the ass of you because they were too busy texting, your family would want swift justice and jail time.

    condolences to the girls family, and it sucks for the bloke who killed her, it was a situation that never should of happened had he been paying attention to what he was doing.
  15. But yeah, 100% his fault, just like rear ending someone in traffic. Doesn't matter if they stop to have a wank, you should have been further back and paying attention.
  16. good idea, added
  17. He killed an innocent person, how is the law goin mental?

    How can she be at fault? As far as we know, she had no idea someone was behind her. But that's irrelevant, he hit her from behind. No different to common road situations.

    Kids running amok? Have you been reading the papers again, how is different to people on bikes or cars? Because they are easy targets just like modified cars.

    I own and ride a ski, people glare at you like you're evil even though you aren't doing anything illegal.

    He deserves to be punished, how I'm not sure. But I certainly don't agree on the family profiteering from her death it won't bring her back or heal the loss.
  18. Yeah he messed up
    Like i said the one on one interview skewed it a bit
    But the facts remain .
    I agree