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Jet Powered Go Kart for sale

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Jet-..._Vehicles_Everything_Else&hash=item231e69b840


    Here for sale is a custom built go kart that is powered by a Boeing Gas Turbine Engine. This go kart is nothing but fun and will bring out the inner child in anyone. This little machine gets more attention and questions than just about anything else I have ever built. This go kart features a Boeing 502-7 Gas Turbine Engine that has been converted to a turbojet which makes pure thrust. She produces 200 plus pounds of thrust propelling the car well into the 100 mph plus range. I am currently working on a new nozzle that should make the old girl move even faster. And if that's not enough I can always build an afterburner for the new owner. This way you can create that awesome smoke and fire show to woo and wow the crowd. The go kart is ready to go and has just been serviced and reworked featuring tons of new parts. Combustion cans and fuel nozzles have been cleaned as well as new igniters installed. Features: New tires front and rear Two 2.5 gallon spun aluminum fuel cells New fuel transfer pump Digital Speedometer New N1 gas producer tachometer indicator Oil Pressure indicator Stainless steel brake lines Many new fittings and stainless steel braided line New oil filter and cooler New axle bearings an carriers New on board batteries and switched Also included is the auxiliary start kart which features brand new batteries, starter solenoid, cables, wiring, and slave cable. There is just too much to list. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping logistics and charges. I am very easy to work with and if you need help with shipping I will be more than willing to help. I can even deliver for a seperate negotiated price. If you like the concept yet want something a little different, lets talk. I offer many other custom engineering and fabrication services. I have many styles and types of turbines available to suit just about any application. Custom turbine installation available. Email Seth@transturbine.com or call 301-922-1100
  2. Just out of interest, how fast does she go?
  3. there is only a few problems with that
  4. atomic batteries to power - turbines to speed
  5. I want one!
  6. That is awesome.. but i wouldn't drive it, the thing would ****ing blow up.
  7. i hope the guy who buys it know that jet engines can back firer
  8. there was a helicopter engineer (edit: remembered wrong, actually a mechanic for mercedes, and previously buit race cars) a while ago who out a jet engine in a porsche 928,
    only giveaway was the big pipe sticking out the side of the bonnet....
    was impressive in that it drove the rear wheels, and apart from the engine, stock... unlike other jet cars.... where its just a shell on an engine.

    found it,


    so far i know of 3 he's built..... a tust mule (sold), an improved and upgraded prototype (still in possesion), and the current car with a better (rarer) engine
  9. with that much power i'm sure there was a lot of other things he had to upgrade