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Jet kit for a GS500F DIY or shop?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Jabba, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Hey all, I am looking at getting a new muffler and K&N air filter for my GS500F. From my reading of the gstwins forum, rejetting is needed (they run lean anyway). The jet kits can be bought for well under $100 on eBay and the like. I have seen the guides, but I am thinking it is beyond my abilities. Is there somewhere around Melbourne or even a member that can offer this service at a reasonable price?

  2. I rejetted my GS500, put twin K&N filters on and a new exhaust all by myself and I'm hopeless mechanically. It's actually quite easy to do. I changed the jets 3 times from memory until I was happy with the outcome. If I could do it anyone can.
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  3. That is what gets me I think. The tinkering with different jets. How many different sizes did you get to start off @DrewBytes@DrewBytes? did you do the shims and drill the hole or whatever you have to do?
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  4. Thanks for the link. Great write up. I'm just looking at a slip on muffler not a full system and probably K&N comparable filters, I have to answer to the finance minister aka wifey.
  5. Be careful with jet kits. They are often used designed for US bikes and these often have different carby internals to start with.

    And US fuels are a little different.

    So even after putting the kit in, you still have to re-jet to get the best out do the carbies.

    This is not true for all bikes, just saying. "be careful".
  6. Yeah, from what I've read the standard jets are different sizes in the US. The gstwins wiki and forum hava rediculous amounts of info on them.