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Jesus ads all over Sydney: false advertising!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nath, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else think those jesus ads should be done for false advertising? Isn't Jesus about god making a son to die on the cross?

    And did god miss the memo to turn the wind down on the day of the skywriting over the weekend?

    It was blown away in a matter of minutes. That's charity money well spent!
    Whatever will the pope buy his bling with over xmas?

    But back to the ads at bus stops: They're obviously trying to get kids into church so they can start funnelling money out of a younger crowd (a la hillsong happy clapper cult).

    I reckon they should be held to the same standards as commercial ads because they're pushing a product: Jesus. And he wants your cash (just try and get through a church service without getting shaken down for cash).

    The one about the R.I.P. "Thanks for looking after mum Jesus now that I can't" should probably be followed up with the natural conclusion:

    Anyone else reckon they should keep their superstitious rubbish in their churches and safely away from children?
  2. I've been to many churches... can't say I've ever been "shaken down" for cash.
  3. I agree with you there on the BS level of the campaign mate, and the sheer wastefulness of a so called charitable organisation too. Although I found it more of a reason to laugh my arse off than to get angry. I really hope the advertising standards people take your complaints as seriously as they take the "voices of concern" they hear whenever a car advert featuring "speed" is released.

    The religious poster that got the biggest laugh out of me was one out the front of a local church. They change the poster every month so they obviously like a running joke. Anyway the tag line of the last one was,

    brainwashed to
    read the bible."

    That was easily corrected with the addition of the word "be" and removal of the word "to" by a concerned local.
  4. Didn't the christians all TRY to repress the humanist campaign "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enoy your lives."
    I guess we're all welcome to free speech, so long as it agrees with their ideology .....
    (correction - in AU they didn't need to, the advertising companies simply refused to run it ..... wonder why)
  5. This is a bit of a bone of contention with me.

    I think that if any religion is offering a better way of life which centers on charity, good will, and love, then the proof of that way of life lies in the lives of the followers.

    A lot of money would have been spent on these campaigns to show everyone "the way". But I truly believe that "the way" is not something to be sold on a billboard. Any one true way should sell itself through its members who are living proof of charity, love, kindness, and forgiveness.

    Ad campaigns prove none of those values, and actually prevent the organisation from providing love and kindness through charity - how many families are struggling with job losses etc etc? I'm sure they'd appreciate a food hamper / school clothes / rental assistance etc etc.

    Any religion that needs to advertise is selling something.

    I really think jesus was a cool bloke - he turned his nose up at organised religion and dogma using his own logic and morality to justify rebellion, broke down prejudices and embraced the diseased / prostitutes (and diseased prostitutes), and "allegedly" threw one hell of a party with his cocktail skills - lets see Tom Cruise shake up wine from water.

    Sadly, these are values which I feel have been lost in the modern church. It's members are instead shackled by dogma, used as an excuse to ignore personal logic, responsibility, and morality. It is a dogma steeped in prejudice towards those of other faiths, circumstances, and sexualities, and certainly does not represent the life jesus lived. The wealth and opulence of the roman catholic church is something which Jesus would have opposed.
  6. This is what I was just thinking.

    The campaign was rejected in Australia, I think there was a big hub bub with Sydney Buses awhile back where the campaign was set to go ahead but was then mysteriously rejected.

    This is the case of hypocrisy at its best. This is the reason why I'm so vocal about my disdain for religion. Certain christian churches use every tactic at their disposal and cry foul when a contradicting view point is put forward.

    I don't particularly care for the atheist bus campaign but if it gets rejected in place of this nonsense I think that someone has some explaining to do.
  7. if my understanding is correct, the skywriting dude is christian anyway. so i dont think it was the blatant waste of money people are making it out to be.
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  9. fair enough - however I was referring to advertising "in general".
  10. Why are atheists so concerned with spreading their gospel, so to speak? If you don't believe, then you don't believe, get on with your life. Why would atheists concern themselves with the fact that others do believe?

    Does it bother them so much, that they have to validate what is in fact their belief system, by attacking another? Why is there even an atheist foundation? By not "buying into" religion and organised religion, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of forming their own little "religion". I thought the whole idea of being an atheist was not to believe in religion and it's associated god(s) and be free of all that.

    Secondly, the campaigns seems to be more focussed on attacking christianity, if they really must, can we see some fairness and also have campaigns against other major religions and their gods, e.g. islam, hinduism, etc.?
  11. Swap the word "atheist" with "God Botherer".

    Wow would you look at that.
  12. Well put. Although one could argue the same point at those whom are of religious persuasion. Can't the satisfaction of me burning in hell if I'm wrong about this whole God thing be enough for them?
  13. Yes, Jesus was in fact in the crane :woot:

    I too have noticed these popping up everywhere, since when did god need a marketting team? :rofl:

    I'd certainly agree with you here;
    What a waste of money. Religion in dying and they're getting upset about it - get over it! People aren't as gullible as they used to be, and as time goes on we become more and more skeptical and discerning, religion will be dead.

    edit: This is gold.

  14. I am a vocal atheist because in my opinion religion is on balance bad for society as a whole. Sure there are many religious people who use their belief for the betterment of mankind but religion is very often a tool to promote hatred, distrust and intolerance between groups of people.

    Theists do not keep their opinion to themselves. They push their agenda through every avenue available to them. Fundies want to convert everyone to their brand of religion. They want to teach their values and beliefs in schools.

    Atheists need to speak up if we want to stay a secular society.

    Religion also encourages ignorance. To assume that all the answers are contained in a book of their choice is plainly wrong. Theists deny things like evolution when it is an absolute fact. Pushing absolute crap like Intelligent Design as science is just laughable.

    Atheists do not pick on Christianity. The bus campaign says things like 'There probably is no God' and 'Science Flys you to the Moon, Religion Flies into Buildings'. The reason why most of the atheist comments are about Christianity is that in Australia most theist comments are about Christianity.
  15. @Farab

    I think most of the atheist campaigns against religion are against *all* religion... but it's unsurprising that in a majority-Christian country{1} that the focus would be on Christianity.

    As far 'why not leave people alone'? Do we leave smokers alone? Maybe we should, but if we know it's harmful, letting people know is valuable. And atheists don't just eschew believing in religion for themselves, many of them believe religion is harmful, and therefore want to communicate that.

    {1} That is, a majority of believers in Australia are Christian, not necessarily a majority of all Australians
  16. I agree with what you said above about not being concerned about what others believe. My understanding is that there are 2 reasons for the concern.

    The first is the presentation of atheism as an option to those indoctrinated into dogma (as opposed to thought and philosophy) which may not be relevant in the modern age. I believe in the UK the atheist ads were a response to an increase in religion-based advertisements, but I may be wrong here.

    The second is that for a long time in Oz religious advertisements have been put through without question, however a recent "atheist" advertising campaign was quietly refused. It does make one question the influence of religion in the halls of power of an allegedly non-denominational government, and when such an ad campaign is refused on flimsy grounds it kicks up a bit of a stink and gets people talking. When the concept of freedom of speech is poo pooed in this way by those in power, one starts to wonder what other liberties have been eroded by the influence of religion in politics. When another person’s religion starts to impose on non-believer’s lives, I think that is when they start to concern themselves that others do believe.

    I am not sure it is about pushing an “atheist” agenda, but more about showing that morality can exist without religion and that people can live perfectly happy lives caring for one another and the planet without the fear of eternal damnation looming over their heads dictating what can and can’t be done. Many of the evils of the current age are perpetrated in the name of religion (911, war on terror with god on our side, Sunnis killing Shiites, Hindus killing Sikhs, spread of aids in Africa because contraception is “evil”, Israel vs Palestine [ie Jews vs Muslims], murder of doctors at abortion clinics etc etc etc) – when these sorts of acts are committed in the name of religion I applaud those who have the courage to look at the root of all the problems and kick up a stink.

    I suppose Christianity is under scrutiny in this instance because I’ve not yet seen an advertisement in the city telling me to turn to Allah or Ganesh etc etc.

    Horses for courses. To paraphrase you, if you believe then you believe, why would religious people concern themselves [by erecting billboards and doing skywriting] with the fact that others don’t believe?
  17. Certainly, some theists don't like us speaking out.

    The Age

  18. There are christians that just simply believe and don't bash their Bible on a street corner and shove it down everyones throat at every opportunity they get. They live their lives, or try to live their lives as an testimony of their devotion without imposing on others. Similarly you get athiests that are the same.

    Just seems like you also get athiests that are also pushing an agenda pretty much down people's throats just like the very religious types they critisize for doing so. Just seems ironic IMO.
  19. I'm an atheist. The only time I have a problem with religion is when the suits come knocking on my door. I just say 'Not for me thanks, but have a nice day.'

    They totter off, I go back to killing goats and dancing naked.

    No wait... I meant to say they totter off and everyone's happy.

  20. When they shut up, so will I. When they stop telling me I'm going to hell because I don't believe in their particular brand of delusion, I'll stop complaining about them.
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