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Jessica Watson..or what a shite awful country we've become

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, May 9, 2010.

  1. I am not a believer in the tall poppy syndrome, but this is really getting to me.

    Last year, when this young girl announced her decision to sail around the world there were experts aplenty to tell us that she shouldn't and couldn't do it. When she had a mishap off the NSW coast before the proper start they reminded us of their advice. And so now, nearly 6 months later they are all wringing their hands in glee that, according to the strict interpretation of the rules, she has failed in her attempt.

    Firstly they've pointed out she is too young to be the youngest person...strange though it seems, the youngest you can be is 18yo. Now they claim, even if she were 18yo, she would not have met the criteria for the achievement. I say, so ****ing what!! She's sailed around the World, that fact is indisputable. She has spent 6 months doing it. She's done it without setting foot on land, resting or with outside assistance. She's encountered massive seas, traversed both Capes and now only a few days away from arriving at her start point. And she's 16. 16 years old FFS! What were YOU doing at 16? How many 16yo's can even survive a weekend without parental assistance, let alone have the gumption and bravery to attempt this sort of feat.

    And the saddest part in all of this? Most of the criticism is home based. And that makes me sad. Sad, that in a time when we criticise young people for not stepping up to the mark, being dependant on outside support and then label them the 'me, me, me' generation, we attempt to play down the efforts of one of them who steadfastly refuses to play to that stereotype.

    Naysayers, hang your heads in shame.
  2. Im pretty sure the idea for her was a personal achievement, so if shes achieved what she wanted to, shes made of tough stuff and probably doesnt give a rats ass what some pencil pushers say.
  3. That she doesn't. I've been following her blog and she's quite amused by it. It doesn't stop me being annoyed though.
  4. Who gives a **** whether she did the right k's or not? She wasn't elligable anyway because she was under 18.
  5. Im pretty sure the first primates to stand on 2 legs were under 18.....but what did opposable thumbs ever do for us?
  6. ..........

  7. Best . Animated . Cartoon . Ever (that is really short) lol.

    In saying that... fully agree cejay. She's incredible, and the fact we're badmouthing her is disgusting. Either or, she doesn't care, and I reckon she's a totally cool chicka! GO JESS!!

  8. To her credit, it didn't cost the taxpayers anything, so she's already one up on that Bulimore tard in my book. Go Jess.
  9. What amuses me is the fact that most of the naysayers would probably soil their pants if you took them through The Rip, never mind sailing around the world.

    She has achieved something very few people ever do and that in itself is to be applauded. That she has done so at the age of 16 is remarkable and should be held up as an example to us all of how drive and determination will help you achieve your goals.
  10. Why the f*ck do you have to be 18 for it to count? Surely the record is youngest 'person' not youngest 'legally considered adult in a certain jurisdiction'? That's just ludicrous.

    I haven't been following it all that closely, so not sure what the distance debate is about, but again, surely the criteria for sailing around the world is that you start and finish in one place, sailing more or less either East or West to do so, crossing every line of logitude? Technically I guess you could skirt around Antarctica if you wanted to for the shortest route, but it's physically impossible to do it at the equator so where do you draw the line?

    I have to admit I was one of the skeptics when she announced and was planning the trip, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong in this case, and I think she has done an amazing thing that she can and should be very proud of.
  11. From her web site:

  12. They made 18 the legal age to prevent 'tards sticking a 10yo in a sardine tin with and old sheet for a sail and kicking them off the nearest pier...

    They also outlined a certain number of nautical miles as the minimum to travel, being equal to the earths circumference, in to have 'circumnavigated' the globe... These things were put in place to stop people jamming a star picket in to the south pole, grabbing it with one out stretched arm,walking around it and claiming to have walked around the world - in doing this you would cross all meridians of latitude in 15 seconds and travel under 5m...

    She achieved her goal and good on her I say...
  13. I Think she did too, Its a major thing for someone of any age to do.

    Im Just glad she had no more encounters with shipping like she did in the first few nights out.

    Forgetting to turn on your radar is a bit of noob mistake.

  14. small minded fugwits ................. unfortunately the world has a few... and even more unfortunately...some of them live in Australia..............

    ........... Go Jessie...your a legend in my book
  15. If the figures are right then it's a bit of a **** up. Doesn't take away from what she's achieved but it should have been better planned.
  16. I haven't followed it closely but the impression I have is that the naysaying is, at least in part, a reflection of the ever burgeoning desire to 'cotton wool' our kids. Now that she's done what she set out to do and hasn't fallen off the edge of the earth or spontaneously combusted once out of site of her parents there seems to be a desire to question whether she really did _it_ at all...
  17. Who honestly gives a shit about records???
    She has achieved something that I'd have loved to do at any age let along as a kid!!!
  18. Hang on, the world is not flat, it’s a sphere.
    Sailing just off the ice shelf of Antarctica is not ‘sailing around the world’. Well, not if you want to do it correctly.
    The minimum distance is about 26,000 nautical miles, which is about the distance around the equator as the crow flies.
    The stipulation to cross the equator at least at one point is to stop all those sailors who like going around in circles in their favorite part of the ocean to clock up their mileage.
    I think she completed 19,000 nautical miles & the amount of sailing she did in the northern hemisphere was not as much as the others did, or the ‘panel’ would have liked to see.
    The age thing is to stop 9year olds getting lost at sea.

    In the end she did a fair bit of sailing in one stint, but in comparison to the other ‘round the world solo attempts, it fell a little short. But the expectation was set at the start, so there were many opportunities during the voyage to reassess how she was going & make the changes required to dispel any ambiguity at the end.
  19. im going against you all, i dont give a shit what she does or what she did, she dosnt ride a bike :D
  20. Sorry, but no!

    Can't help how I feel about this subject, not after being forced to study the book cowritten by jesse martin. Subsequent to which I now have an unquenchable hatred of all similar stories that dont involve pirates with eyepatches. Damn you Jesse Martin, damn you to hell!