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NSW Jerry cans

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hyperspex, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. I'm toying around with some ideas for adding to my Hyper's appalling fuel range. Given that the USD exchange rate makes the extended tank at least a $3k proposition, I've been considering less elegant solutions (ie jerry cans).

    Anyone got any idea what the legalities are for mounting a jerry can on the outside of a motorcycle? I know the can itself has to be approved and all, but does the law say anything about where and how they can be mounted?
  2. Adventure forums are your best bet to see what options are out there
    Desert Fox fuel bladder - initial thoughts | Adventure Rider
    RotopaX Fuel Container Packs - Snake Racing | 4x4 Accessories, Suspension Kits and 4x4 Parts for your 4x4, 4WD vehicle
    the above 2 are the most popular that i usually see.

    Personally i use dromaderry http://www.cascadedesigns.com/msr/water/storage/dromedary-bags/product, bags which i ordered at paddy palin miranda nsw. They smell a bit but have never leaked.
    The great thing about using fuel bladders is you can use them as soon as you've used enough fuel then fold them up and store them taking up less space on your trip.
    You can also get custom tanks built just for your bike or needs.Joe Brazier | Mechanic, Fabricator, Adventure Rider or Home, both australian made and tested by the people who make them.

    on that note im gonna google how to rename links to make them shorter
  3. Check your insurance policy first. Some policies don't cover you if you are carrying petrol in a container. (One of mine didn't. Think it was Swan or RACV).
  4. You're touching on a pet hate of mine. Most insurance companies are small print companies, and if you read the small print carefully everything is an exception and nothing is covered on days that end in 'Y'... but they'll accept your premiums!
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    This info comes from discussions I've seen in the 4wd/offroading area, so make of it what you will. Second hand knowledge at best.

    In Vic at least (might be the same Aus wide), petrol is considered a hazardous(?) load and jerrycans etc must therefore be carried within the perimeter outline of the vehicle, ie not carried in/on a jerrycan fixture on the rear bumper etc. Yet on the roofrack is apparently OK. Diesel on the other hand doesn't require the same treatment.

    How you would go on a motorcycle I don't know, although there are plenty of bladders/aux fuel containers available that are designed specifically for bikes. Yet most of these seem to originate from the USA where their regulations are very different.

    Researching vehicle regs would seem to be the only way for a definitive answer, but where to start? I got nuffin. :whistle:

    My 2c.


    There is this option, but fcuk me it's expensive!

    Hypermotard Fuel Tank Kit, 6.4 Gallon | Hypermotard Tanks | Fuel Tanks | Ca Cycleworks Products | ca-cycleworks.com

    Edit 2:


    Our Tanks | Nomad Fuel Tanks

    Try these guys, I don't know that they make a specific tank for your bike, but seeing as they are in Oz I would guess they would be all over the regs n rules like a fat kid on a lollipop.
  6. plaidlerplaidler Thanks, I'll have look at those options. I've actually been liking the look of the Rotopax, seems like a very stable mounting solution that wouldn't be too hard to adapt to a tail rack or on the side of the subframe (like a pannier).

    twistngotwistngo kneedragonkneedragon There's nothing in the QBE PDS about fuel specifically, just the general waiver of liability if your bike is in a safe, unroadworthy or illegal condition which is why I posted this question.

    Yeah that's the "extended tank" that I referred to in the OP.

    Thanks, I'll have a look.

    Now this is getting closer to what I'm after. I've read that "has to be within the perimeter" thing as well, but how does that work on a bike? Is the relevant width the widest point (with my handlebars, sweet) or would it be the actual width of the bike at the mounting point (with my tail, I'm stuffed)?
  7. As I suggested these guys should know. Give them a ring and see how much they will help you out.

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  8. I do (or did) a lot of LD riding. My preference is the Liquid Containment. I use them for fuel and water. They can take a flogging offroad too.
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