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Jerez track marshals - Conos!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ex-static, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. I urge anyone passionate about racing to send an email direct to circuitodejerez.com via their website like I just have to let them know how disgusting it was, the favouritism show towards Vale over Casey by the track marshals and that really, there should be an investigation by Dorna! It's a blight on Jerez! CABRONES!!

  2. Isn't it against the regs to get outside assistance? If not, perhaps it should be.
  3. No it's not. Remember these numbskulls do this voluntarily so I guess you get what you pay for.
  4. they were quick to pick the dopey Lorenzo out of the lake last year when he nearly drowned himself, so you can't say they are biased

    but you're right, any marshall with any brains would have assisted the VICTIM of the crash first, then the perpetrator, especially as it looked as if both bikes could have rejoined the race....
  5. Don't be so ridiculous.
  6. alright, let me rephrase

    any marshall dealing with a crash that DIDN'T involve Rossi, etc etc
  7. It is not up to the marshalls to decide who was at fault, their job is riders safety, nothing more nothing less. The fact they were crazy Rossi loving Spaniards is beside the point.
  8. I agree, but they would have been able to see Rossi's banzai clumsy pass and make a decision as to who's safety they were going to look after first, surely???

    ..... not to mention the fact that they had to extricate Rossi's bike from UNDER Stoner's so they could help him restart :roll:
  9. Um, didn't Valentino end up being the meat in a motorcycle sandwich?
  10. Firstly the extricating was already done by the riders and secondly Rossi was on his bike ready to go before Stoner was. To suggest the marshalls should now act as some sort of judiciary is a bit out there.
  11. yeah, I was so disappointed to see that last night. Couldn't believe (first of all) that Rossi was so....stupid... but then all the marshals get him going, and start to head off the track. Perhaps the issue isn't that all MC riders are invisible, maybe it's just all AUSTRALIAN MC riders are invisible?? Just a theory.
  12. Fair enough, but they didn't even start to come his way to help until he had a conniption.
  13. the irrefutable blatantly obvious galring injustice here is that there were hardly any marshals on hand to help casey.. in one image i think there were maybe 7 surrounding vale while casey was alone, crying out for help.. volunteers or not, marshals have a duty to assist in the safe removal of a bike from the track vicinity, and if that means getting it back on the track then that is what they must do.. (i work as a track marshal at both sbk & moto gp so i do know the protocol.)
  14. That's because Stoner isn't popular over there, as I said these numbskulls do it voluntarily so you get what you pay for. By the way this is nothing new.

    You mean you volunteer, workers get paid.
  15. yeah i 'work' as a 'volunteer'.. the two concepts are not mutally exclusive.. personally, i work just as hard and am just as proud to be a track marshal volunteer as if i was getting paid.. and are you being so reductionist as to denounce all volunteers as numbskulls (which is what it sounds like) or just the spaniards at jerez?.. you're contradicting yourself saying volunteers are the monkeys you get when you offer peanuts and that casey isn't popular over there.. its the fact that casey isn't popular over there, plain & simple.
  16. Can't it be both?
  17. It's funny vision, they run out to do their job and all push the bike closest to the edge of the track. When Stoner freaks out you can almost see their brains tick into "oh shit yeah that other bike is still here". It wasn't intentional, but was stupid.
  18. It was stupid, yes. There were anywhere between 5 and 8 of them on hand. It does not take that many blokes to move a bike. They should have helped stoner first, if not they should have at least split up. Half help one ride, half help the other.

    Casey was taken out, he was also in the LEAD. Common sense would tell you to get him back on the track ASAP. Unfortunately you can't expect many people to use common sense these days. I wonder what they would have done if Rossi took Lorenzo down with his "ambitious" move?
  19. Are you Donkeys blind? Who was stuck underneath both motorcycles? Do you think they (the marshals) should have removed Stoners bike, push started him first, then removed the bike from on top of Rossi second?
  20. #20 blocka, Apr 4, 2011
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    Actually Stoner moved his own bike and Rossi was out from under him before the Marshals got there. Stoner looked to have his bike running before Rossi, yet the marshals weren't even looking at him. Fukin Circus