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Jenolan near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Brick, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. My mate and I have just returned from a 10,000km half lap of Oz. i have a K1600GT, known locally as Enterprise. My mate, Lou, has a little K1300R We had a small mishap while playing Tourist at Jenolan caves in NSW.

    We did the tourist thing and did the first tour in the morning. After leaving the tour, we had about a half hour window to head the up twisty alternative route to the ridiculously steep way we came in, before the road was closed to allow the Sydney coaches to descend the road. Riding out of Jenolan, the road passes through a large cave that forms a one lane tunnel, before about a 200 meter straight to a blind 90 degree first corner. This was were I met "Samurai Sam". Obviously running late with a bus load of tourists for the start of the 11:30 tour. Samurai Sam cut the last corner of his descent at speed. The problem being that I had taken the inside line and was about two bike lengths from the vertical rock corner. Given two possible escape routes of his drivers door or attempting to ride sideways up a cliff face, I chose a third option and tried to swerve further to the left and stop. In hindsight I probably should have asked Eddie to phone a friend.

    Enterprise was less than a meter from the cliff wall. I attempted to put my left foot down and stop it from hitting the wall. That's when I discovered the 600mm wide, and about as equally deep drain along the side of the road where I want to stop. Things kind of happened quickly then. Somehow I flung my self over the seat and in true biker fashion inserted myself in mother like nurturing instinct between the danger of the rock wall and the delicate petal like nature of Enterprises outer hull. Lou reckons I hit the rock wall square and pretty hard with my back. I just know I wound up with my foot on the edge of the bitumen, my arse wedged into the rock, Enterprises, now listing at close to 90 degrees horizontal, hanging in mid air, its frame slowly displacing my knee cap in the direction of my shin. I could feel my knee slowly hyper flexing backwards. Given another 20 or 30 seconds, I'm sure my knee would have popped and my leg bent backwards, breaking it. Samurai Sam slowed to an almost stop. Looked at me, then drove off! Luckily Lou and two tourists nearby dived in and hauled the big girl off me. I was completely pinned to the rock face under the +350kg bulk of the K1600GT.

    Once out and up right, I gave the big girl a once over. The left mirror had been broken away from the internal alloy fairing frame. The new touring screen is covered in gouges, other than a couple of small scratches, both of us got off lightly.

    I sent Lou on his way up the hill before they closed it and went to masterfully install new breathing holes into a small Japanese man back in Jenolan. His was the only Hiace commuter bus in the car park. I parked Enterprise across the front of it and went searching without luck. Luckily for me, as the bus had very little sign writing, in his hurry to sod off, he left a clip board with his tour details on the dash board. I had a chat with a lovely Asian receptionist who told me her boss would ring me shortly. The arrogant little twat rang me five minutes later. He had spoken with Samurai Sam and got his version, (so the miserable prick hadn't gone under ground with his tour, just into hiding) As far as his boss was concerned, both vehicles hadn't collided, so no accident. If I didn't like it call the Police.

    I didn't like it, so I took his suggestion and spoke with a lovely member of the local constabulary.

    About 2 1/2 hours later as I was about to bid the very nice LEO good bye, Samurai Sam came wondering down the hill. By this stage my bike and the Policeman hidden from view by a large tourist coach. "Ah! You the motorbike guy, you the guy who called my boss". (Well done d*** head, 20 seconds in and you've admitted to being not only being there, but being the right person as well)
    "Yeah mate, I spoke to your boss. Then I had a conversation with this gentleman. " He hadn't seen the LEO behind the bus. The look on his face when he did see the Policeman was priceless. The look on the coppers face when instead of producing a license when requested, but a business card telling him to "ring this number" was better still.

    I left the two of them in conversation

    As a follow up, now being home two weeks later, I rang the Police station. The guy I wanted wasn't there, but the lady u spoke to asked, " Are you the guy on the Hayabusa they took out in an ambulance?" From what I can gather, same place, similar circumstances, next day. How bloody luck am I?
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  2. Wow mate.. could have been worse.. touristy spots make me nervous because everyones either in a rush to get there, or in a rush to leave..

    Did you get your bike checked for any unseen damage?
  3. I know that area. Ridden it a few times. You did well to get of as lightly as you did. Hopefully someone now knows the rules about driver's licences and walking home if they don't have one.
  4. I've had a few scary encounters through there and always with what i gather to be foreigners in rental cars.
  5. Bad situation, good story telling.
    I'd love to check out Jenolan caves, haven't been there since I was a kid.
    I google mapped the road.. and with that and your story I don't think I'd want to do it on the bike any time soon.
    I'm glad your knee didn't bend backwards too :wideyed:
  6. It's always a good day when you can limp away :eek: ... but interesting that the coppers were bothered enough to come out and listen. That's good to hear (y)

    So other than that excitement how was the road? We are thinking of doing the Jenolans on the way to PI later in the year.
  7. I'm bloody glad you wernt too bad hurt mate, and am bloody happy he (hopefully) got his shit stirred by the copper ..

    Ive ridden through there 3 or 4 times (its in a great loop I do), and I only had one incident where a 4 wheel drive thought the drop was to close to his lhs and was on my side of the road .. I had prepared though and pulled over and stopped to let him pass. gave a shake of my head and he shrugged his shoulders .. they sometimes really think the're not in the wrong eh ..

    Dont miss out on this road people, the trip on either side of the caves is great
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  8. If you turn of at Hartley, go through the caves, then on the other side turn off towards Shooter Hill rd, that leads you out onto the Taralga rd which takes you to Goulburn, your sure to have a great ride
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  9. Lol I would describe it as bloody scary :p
  10. @Brick thanks for sharing, love it when justice is served. Know the area well and it's also well known for black ice at certain times of the year. so pucker up :shock: the sphincter if people are thinking of doing it :LOL:

    @hallmar when you do that loop, do you just come back on the hume or have you found some nice link rd's home. Just thinking of organising a ride with some mates that's all. Thanks (y)
  11. You can go back through highlands way exeter bundanoon ect for a way off the highway, you can leave goulburn via mountain ash road to lessen the hume even more for some time.
    Then wilson drive through hill top buxton ect into the back of picton and head back up the mountains
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  12. Thanks @waedwe that's tops
  13. Hey Brick!
    Sorry to hear about this mate. Glad you and the enterprise got of reasonably unscathed.

    Have you posted up a ride report of your journey yet. I would love to hear about the rest of the trip as well.
  14. I kept a running daily blog on a local MC forum for the guys I normally ride with.

    Basically headed out from Darwin during the start of the last big monsoonal down burst. It took 900km to out run the rain, but we made it to Tenannt Creek the first night. From there we averaged about 500-600km a day. Down to the centre to Port Augusta. Across to Peterbrough and Mildura. Followed the Murray down to Albury. Rounded the southern end of Lake Hume and up to Khancoban. Up and over the Snowy's to Cooma and on to Canberra. Amazing piece of road that chewed up a rear tyre in 120km. Big heavy bike with monster torque. From Canberra, out through Cowra and on to Bathurst. Mandatory lap of the mountain. Damn that's steep and narrow! Down throught Jenolan. Due to list time it was via Katoomba not the Bells line as planned. Reason to come back? From Richmond, up Putty to Singleton. Went east to Pucketts and on to Thunderbolts way, an idiot with a motorcycle and the Great Dividing range will always be amused. Up to Armidale, then Waterfall way and Summerland up to Kyogle. Heading into Queensland via Mount Lindsay. From Bris Vegas we need to be in Townsville by the following night. Ride the shameful Bruce (Brusied) highway to Rocky, the last 170 from Miriamvale in the dark, in the rain, over endless road works, tailgating a truck. Pulled into Rocky with the same fuel range showing in the dash as I left. 700kms out of a tank of fuel!

    I had a business meeting in Townsville, my mate went to visit his mum, so we rested up a day. No matter how good a trip is, after two weeks on the road, home was looking like a better option. In a nutshell, Townsville to Darwin, about 2600km into 2 1/2 days.

    An absolutely once in a life time trip, that I now plan on repeating next year. Probably down through the Adelaide hills and out to the coast to follow all the way around to the GOR. Up to the Snowys again, but probably out to Bega and lap around the blue mountains and Canberra to Tumut. Then south and back home via Peterbrough and the centre. Really taken with this little township. I'd be happy to use it as a base for a couple of days.
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  15. Sorry to hear about your off - glad you're okay ....... sounds like it could've become increasingly nasty increasingly quickly.

    Great write up - I hate to say I enjoyed reading it - if you know what I mean.
  16. Lol yea going down one needs to be a wee bit tentative . .I took my son down on his GS500 on his L's .. he got to the first hairpin and laid his bike over nearly stalled poor bugger, I probly shoulda took him on a different route.

    But yea I meant that other than the steep entry and exit the roads are really good, mind you I have fun riding out, the v twin sounded magic in that arch (y)
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  17. @Brick that sounds like an awesome ride.
  18. Ok I read the whole thing and you still didn't tell us what the other bike is named.
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  19. Lou's K1300R goes by "Lady K". Locally our bikes are usually named by the rest of our riding group.
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  20. If it's the Peterborough I'm thinking of in SA there's huge amounts of horny single women there :D
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