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Jenolan Caves

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Road surface was Okay, a little rough in some places, very narrow with a lot of corners, some very tight

    Video split into 3
    1. Going into Jenolan from Hartley - Down hill lots of corners and narrow
    2. Going through Jenolan - Road goes through a cave - Narrow, parking tourist building etc.
    3. Leaving Jenolan towards Oberon - Uphill, lots of very tight corners, road very narrow
    Going into Jenolan from Hartley - Click on image to view

    Going through Jenolan - Click on image to view

    Leaving Jenolan towards Oberon - Click on image to view
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  2. Why can't you share video like a regular person? ;)

    That smugmug shit never loads, I gave up and didn't bother watching
  3. So how does the normal person do it...I am open fpr guidence here
  4. open a Youtube account.

    upload your video, most apps, phones and video editing software will upload directly to youtube.

    Copy the link from youtube and paste it straight into you post and it will automatically be embedded meaning it will play right from with in your post and not open other windows/tabs.
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  5. I'll give it a go, Here the is Going into Jenolan from Hartley video on Youtube

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  6. Much better!
  7. Well, Learning never stops, Agreed it is better
    Here's Riding through the cave into Jenolan

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  8. Leaving Jenolan and heading towards Oberon

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  9. G'day Highett, nice photos and videos of Jenolan. I've only been there once, driving a car from the opposite direction in 2007. The car park was full and the smell of hot brakes everywhere! Your post is good inspiration to ride there soon and tour some more of the caves, thanks.
  10. Thanks xj6n,
    That was my first visit there, Next time I am down that way I will do it again
  11. Thanks for sharing. The roads down there are a Sumo rider's wet dream, though it is a touch narrow for a two lane road. Just a spit in the other direction there's Megalong valley road, which also looks spectacular and a stone-throw south and there's Abercrombie Rd and the motorparks! Going to be purchasing a property down there very soon, do you have any insight into what the neighboring towns are like to live in ?
  12. Muttrider

    I lived in Singleton for 4.5 years, during that time I was on a project at Ulan West for a Year and stayed during the week at Gulgong, so riding around that part of NSW was within day trip distance for me.

    I can only say that I have never encounted a town in the area that I would not go back too, I have found that people are friendly, of course there is always an exception but they are few and far between, however I was ony passing through not looking to live there.

    I would suggest that spending some time in the region, visit some towns in the locations that you are interested in and talk with the locals, you will get a much better feel of the area that way.
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  13. Oh cool, sounds pretty chill down there. I think I will enjoy the rural environment also. More importantly I am sick of the clusterfark of people and ridiculous traffic conditions around Sydney. I'd rather be shoveling cow-shit for a living than commute around this oppressive and congested hell-hole for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the info mate.
  14. Thanks for posting it Highett :D

    I'm currently kitting up my beastie to ride from the GC -> Melb. Then Tassie followed by Adelaide and back home before the real winter hits! Brrr.

    I'm still working out the details to get to Melbourne, but I wanted to see the Jenola cavers since I've ridden nearby twice but no cigar.... Can you tell me what time of year you rode past? Black ice?
    I ask since I've always ridden in sweltering heat and I'll be riding down past Canberra / Thredbo / Jenolan in 3-4th week March 2016. I don't know yet whether it's doable or roads will be closed due to weather....

    Also, I'm wanting to mount a camera to the bike for v blogging (this trip is going to be a HUGE learning curve!) - what did you use? Mounts?

    Shankz! :)
  15. March is a good time, I used ram mounts on that trip.
    You'll have a great time, there is some good riding and nice areas to camp.
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    Ski season starts Queens Birthday weekend, it happens but getting snow before that is very very rare.Especially below 1500m. Check the weather reports before heading into the Alps past Thredbo,its never going to happen below that, never say never Look into getting an Air Hawk for the seat,just enough air to raise you 3 or 4 mm.On a long ride like this it will be very handy to stave off numb bum,especially with that narrow seat
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  17. Would have liked to have heard a rev bomb while you were going thru!
  18. Don't know what it would sound like as I have never done a rev bomb,
    A mate recorded this in 2013 whie touring Nth QLD, least I know what it sounds like at Hwy speed.