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Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I have had some dealings with these guys in the past with buying parts etc and they have always been courteous, very helpfull and knowledgeable. I needed a new rear tye fitted to my Hornet so when I was down there on Saturday buying oil and filter etc...I enquired when they could do it for me and how much it would be approx...they told me if they can have the bike most of monday they can squeeze it in and it will be $25. So i made a booking and left it at that.

    After servicing my bike myself i noticed that my clutch cable was fraying pretty badly...and as i was going to Jeffreys' I made a mental note to tell em and ask them to replace it while doing the tyre. They didn't have one in stock to suit but were more than happy to remove the old one from the bike and pop it into a bag for me so i could come and pick it up and hunt around for a new one myself...they even gave me some pointers on who to try as I needed one today because Shan and I are leaving for Bright tomorrow.

    In the end I chased up a clutch cable from Eastern Motorcycle Wreckers (another good bloke)...which is actually for a CBR-600 but fits perfectly(take note fellow Hornet 250 riders). I dropped it off to the guys at Jeffreys who had fitted the tyre and were waiting for the cable...they fitted the new one while i waited and then only charged me the original $25 they had quoted me just to do the tyre.

    I just wanted to let everybody know how happy I am with the service I recieved today...I was more than happy to pay for the extra time and rooting around but the spares/service guys wouldn't hear of it. I hope they enjoy the 6 pack of beam though...they earned it and have won me over as customer service like this is very rare these days

  2. nice one.
    like to hear a good customer service story. makes a nice change.
  3. I also like these guys as i have been in looking at bikes many times over the last few months and they have always treated me with respect,NOT the usual look of Oh its a shiela and ignore me ,incert many bike shop names here ;-(
  4. These guys have tried to rip me and mine off twice when purchasing accessories.

    My brother has a pretty poor view of them too.

    I'd suggest Geoff Taylor, but then again I bought from them so I'm kinda bias like that.