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Jeffco's Favourite Websites

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. So I guess most people know I spend a fair bit of time on the interweb looking at various things.

    I look at a lot of funny photos, bike pics, WTF news stuff and occasionally :whistle: I get chance to look at a booby or two :hungry:

    But I also like Architecture, classic cars, history and a whole range of other stuff.

    So I thought I would share some of my favorite sites and if anyone else has one that they too enjoy maybe they can share.

    I will post a new link every week or so with a few items from the site and the address and if you like what you see follow the link and enjoy :)

    Moderators If its uncool posting links to other sites (non of which I have an association to please remove)

    So my first site is Historical Times, I love this site because it shows not just a history but a snapshot of a time gone by.

    Berst France 1944 destroyed German Defences



    Berlin Wall 1989


    Jimi Hendrix taken one day before his death


    An elderly Indian man garlands Che Guevara near Delhi in 1959


    So that's it, if it looks like your thing have a look there is plenty to see.

    Historical Times
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  2. Great stuff JeffcoJeffco, luv a bit of history, generally WW1 as I had a grandfather and great uncle involved
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  3. Thanks Rus LerRus Ler just something a bit different hope you enjoy :)
  4. Nice one..Jeffco

    And the Web sites don't have to be bike related?? :)
  5. Not at all Lazy LibranLazy Libran whatever you like please share :)
  6. Good idea. History not really my 'thing' but still enjoyed the site.
  7. Thanks GeorgeOGeorgeO there will be a new one in a week or so and in the interim if you have one let us know :)
  8. Great idea Jeffco! There are some fabulous websites out there, lots relatively unknown so it's good to be pointed their direction :)
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  9. I am a huge fan of Imgur.com and to a lesser extent Reddit.com. Lots of photos, some absolute trash, but plenty of gems as well, plus searchable for various interest categories, and many subreddits for particular interests. Eg imgur.com/r/motorcycles. And a few places on there where ( allegedly ) boobie pics run free.
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  10. Here's an interesting site and a new way of remembering a specific address and finding it....

    what3words | Addressing the world

    What they have done is divide the world into 3m x 3m squares, each square identified by a unique combination of 3 words....
    So the address for Saturday morning practice in Elwood is - strut.snacks.begin (y)
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  11. Well folks one week on and imgur reddit and what3words are being explored thanks davidkdavidk & RussellDPRussellDP

    Thought I would add another and this time the site is Deserted Places.

    As the title suggests its photos of abandoned places, everything and anything can be found.

    The site has an menu category that allows you to pinpoint a search for certain locations or themes if you want.

    What I like is that each of the series of 5 or so pictures of a particular scene is preceded by a history of what it was beforehand

    Below is a snapshot of what can be found.

    Inside the abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery in New York

    The Domino Sugar Refinery in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City used to be the largest sugar refinery in the world when it was constructed in 1882. Ships would deliver sugar cane from all over the world and half of US more than half of the sugar consumed in the entire country was refined in this Brooklyn factory. The business was so successful that in May 1896 the factory's owner, American Sugar, became one of the original twelve companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The refinery's long history also includes one of the longest labor strikes in New York City's history when in 200o, 250 workers went on strike for twenty months protesting wages and working conditions.
    After 148 years of operation, the refinery closed in 2004 and 225 workers were laid off. Since then, the 11-acre site has been purchased by private corporations twice in order to be redeveloped. The latest plan includes a mix of creative office space, market-rate and affordable housing, neighborhood retail, and community facilities. The demolition of the factory's structures began in fall of 2014.






    So that's it folks a truly remarkable site that I have passed many an hour on, hope you enjoy also

    Deserted Places
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  12. Ashley Madison?
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  13. In before p0rn..
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  14. cool will give this a look
  15. well this week is a twofer
    First website is Project unbreakable
    I will let the website description be a guide and for those that wish to, they can follow the link as usual.
    Project Unbreakable is a photography project aiming to give a voice to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Project Unbreakable has been featured in media outlets such as Glamour, TIME, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian.
    Its a worthy website, but can be confronting
    Project Unbreakable

    The second website is pure fun and pure genius
    its a website that takes photos of people and then finds an image of a dog in a similar position and posts them side by side for all to see :)

    adog2untitled. adog1untitled.

    adog3untitled. adog4untitled.

    adog7untitled. adog8untitled.

    adog11untitled. adog12untitled.

    Whats really cool is that you too can sign up submit a pic and become YouAreDogNow :)
    other celebs like hugh have done it :)
    YouAreDogNow (@YouAreDogNow) | Twitter

    SO there we go folks two completely different sites very worthy of your time.
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  16. Jeff, you could combine the two, and simply link to the latest rugby league news....
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  17. Try Chromium. It comes with pretty much all the codecs and stuff it needs from Google...
  18. so I figured I would continue the two for one offer awhile longer.

    The first site is called awesome people hanging out together.

    Its basically snapshots from the lives of the rich, famous wether it be acting political, musical or anywhere in between.

    its also has music videos of from these famous artists.

    here's a sample

    afamj3Y1qearaqo1_500. afam1qearaqo1_500.
    Eric Idle, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford Orson Welles and Charlie Chaplin

    afamM0221qearaqo1_500. afamgHh1qbfoleo1_500.
    David Bowie and Iggy Pop in Moscow, 1976 Joan, Debbie, David, Joey, 1977.

    afamqearaqo1_500. afamaraqo1_r2_500.
    Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and Burt Reynolds Chuck Berry and Lorde

    and finally one of my faves
    The Brady Bunch meets the Jacksons, 1971

    So that's it for Awesome people there are same incredible pictures of both the past and present

    awesome people hanging out together
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  19. #20 Jeffco, Feb 6, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2016
    The second part of this twofer is a bit of a trade secret

    I'm often asked where do I find some of the stuff I post in funny pics well folks here's a sample from one of the sites I visit its called humour train

    a1n8pvuo1_500. a2n1un8pvuo2_500.

    aaa1un8pvuo1_500. aaapn4yo1_500.

    aaatumblr_o16e6tt6UM1sbc5zvo1_500. aaaw98YiM1un8pvuo1_500.

    aaaWaSa1un8pvuo1_500. aaaawtbR1un8pvuo1_500.

    Anyway that's a sample of the humour train there's also a section for gifs (very funny), animals and popular enjoy

    Humor Train
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