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Jeffco's epic boob thread, plus a coupla other things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. #1 Jeffco, Jan 10, 2016
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    Well its just been brought to my attention (thanks JustusJustus) that the thread title has been changed so in honor of this occasion here is my first edition under the new management :) Heres hoping I don't let you guys and gals down :)



    XRRDEV (4).



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  2. RR1urvf4xo1_540.




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  3. This gal is going to have serious back problems in a few years:
    Kristi Thinks

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    Oh, hello. How long have I been missing out on this?!?

    Allow me to share a personal favourite. These are simply ads for a swimwear label, but the model is gorgeous...

  5. nice work ^^^
  6. last lot time to go for a ride

    RRboob (1).

    RRboob (2).

    RRboob (4).

    RRboob (5).

    my work is done :)
  7. ... Jef? You are a bad bad man. Don't ever stop... Good taste is its own reward.
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    ... actually, you've reminded me. I went looking for this last time, and couldn't find it again. Then I stumbled over it 2 or 3 days ago, and couldn't remember what I wanted it for...

    Now this is not quite the same as the pics you put up. Hunt around youtube for swimwear fashion shows (where else do you find bikini models?) and you will bump into the label Minimale Animale. This lady is the company, the founder and proprietor and chief designer. And as you see, (a) she mostly just designs stuff that would work for her, and (b) she would be quite capable of being her own chief model. What you don't get in this clip, is this lady rides a sports bike, a CBR600 I think it is...

    ... There was another one I used to watch, but she seems to have stopped posting. She was a Zumba dance / fitness instructor, in L.A. I think, (and quite tidy as you'd expect) and she discovered bikes, and was shooting her early experience, including a few trips to Chuckwalla to try and get her knee down... I'll have a trawl for it again....

    Ah - got her. I will direct post the link to her channel, find your own content.

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  9. Praise from the master.(y)
  10. Oops... that should read Not Suitable For Wife, apparently... Now I'm in trouble.
  11. download.
    Lets get this thread back on track and in the wise words of RRdevil himself, lets not take the internet so serious.
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  12. RRbuns (9).

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  14. Should I, shouldnt I! Thats what i was thinking when I saw daffy.
    Curiousity got the better of me and still not sure if it was a wise thing to do.
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