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Jed Metcher

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Seedy, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Fantastic effort, wish him the best for next year.
  2. Couldn't agree with you more Seedy, it was an excellent effort by Jed and a fantastic result.

    Shame your post only has 55 views. You should've mentioned Stoner or Rossi in the title to get the weekend wankers on board.
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  3. Yep fantastic effort by jed all the best for next year.
  4. spot on work! next year will be very interesting.

  5. Yeah, but we wouldn't be special then huh!

    Jed's a friend of a friend of mine and I've been getting forwarded his press releases after every round. He has done an amazing job this year. Hope he gets the sponsorship and team to take him to the next level. Who knows how far he could go with the right backing. Shame his Dad doesn't own a Motogp circuit.
  6. That's great!...another unsung Aussie boy, showing the world how to ride a bike. :))
  7. So if your golden boy Jed becomes famous, and progresses to the big time -will we become wankers for watching him on the weekends?
  8. undoubtedly
  9. Become or remain?
    Most certainly. If you continue to ignore the future up and comers.
  10. Don't knock wanking, excellent exercise for throttle control :jerk: :D
  11. And don't let your mrs tell you how many times u can wash your dick in the shower
  12. I only wash it once, but for about 5 minutes. And very fast.\

    I like following the big name riders as well as the lesser known guys. I didn't know you had to choose between the two.
  13. I just like watching good racing of any description. The category does not concern me. But I guess I'm just not "staunch" enough eh?
  14. He is a great guy and really deserves the title. Hope he has continued success in the future. Also you can check out his website at:
    Jed Metcher
  15. Just a Jed update, he has a ride this year in World Supersport and will be riding at the Island in Round 1. Nice one Jed.

    From his press release:

    2011 European Superstock Champion Jed Metcher has officially put pen to paper in signing a one year contract with the Russian ran team, Rivamoto which will see the young 21 year old Australian from Eltham, in Victoria go head to head with some of the best riders in the up coming 2012 World Supersport Championship season.

    Metcher will join forces with two 38 year old Russian riders, Oleg Pozdneev from Moscow & Eduard Blokhin from Omsk, who is a inspiration of the team & has big plans for the team and is supporting Metcher's 2012 season.

    Team Rivamoto, who are currently based in Cartagena in Spain, but will move to Bologna in Italy after round 1 at Phillip Island will have former 250/500cc racing star Jeremy McWilliams at helm being the team manger for the 2012 season.
  16. Congrats to Jed!! Its amazing how little tv time Australian motorcycle racers get in this country, we get what moto gp and speedweek? I dont have foxtel but I think WSB is on there. Pretty pathetic on this countries media since we have so many Australians dominating in motorcycle racing around the world.
    Well done to Jed !!
  17. To get TV coverage in this country you need to be a knuckle dragging ball huggin bogan, or wear a short skirt and hold a racket...sad really the poxy state of free to air TV...
  18. I read that as ratchet and was going to ask you what channel that was on 8-[

    Awesome work Jed, and coincidental timing now that Andrew is out