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Jeb Corliss - closest brush with death since the waterfall

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Mar 20, 2012.

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  2. could he find somewhere with more rocks
  3. Who said riding a motorcycle was dangerous???
  4. What was the damage? I would imagine that both his leg bones would be in more pieces than was worth putting back together.
  5. broke both legs

    This was the waterfall in the title - skip to 6:45
  6. The interview is interesting. I can so relate to a hell of a lot of that. For me it was bikes, not base jumping, but there's a lot that's the same, right down to the crazy irony that the very thing that could kill you, is the one thing worth living for, the only part of your life when you're really alive.
  7. I uploaded the whole thing if you want it. A fairly good account of most of the base stuff he did before moving onto wingsuit.

    For me it started out as jumping off stuff, then moved to driving rather dangerously, then on to fully fledged addiction to adrenaline. It wasn't fun.