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Jeansly Motorbike Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by CFVFR, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if any members have any thoughts, reviews on these pants. They are advertising on the site and are a fair bit cheaper than Draggins.


  2. First thought ,was what a stupid name.
  3. Seems to be a plethora of choices in Kevlar jeans these days.

    Our team have used most of them but not these. After switching from Draggins/Horney to the Takamii made items we are match happier. Takamii took on board advice from the stunt riders and improved/added to the kevlar lining which made them even more indestructable, definately an improvment over the Draggins IMHO .

    Would be interested in a product review of these jeans but they'd have to be super mega awesome to sway me away from the Takamii items...

    Disclaimer: Whilst Takamii is my sponsor I believe my comments to be more than a shameless plug and the fact Takamii is willing to take on board constructive feedback is AND then improve his product is simply above and beyond awesome service, service that doesn't often exist in this customer service desert we now live in......
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  4. i got a pair of hornee from AMX for 60$ ...
  5. That's what I thought about 'Hornee'
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  6. I bought a pair of "jeansly" zip off cargos a couple of months ago basically so I can commute/work* in them without the need to get changed. As summer was around the corner the fact I can convert them to shorts was a bonus.

    Bought them to try out as the price was appealing. I've found that the seams are to the point of bursting. The stiching looks pretty stressed. I've used my draggin cargos in the same work and they're still going strong as the seams are double stiched. Hoping the jeansly do improve over time but I'd be cautious before buying another pair.

    *granted, they don't advertise themselves as "work wear" but hey, if they're struggling with the rigours of work, then I don't fancy their chances in a spill. Having said that, I haven't come off in them.
  7. I've got a pair of the loose fit jeans so I can wear them over shorts when I ride to work, like those above I thought they'de be worth a punt (even if it is a stupid name..)
    They've been fine for me, they're comfy, fit pretty good for something bought site unseen over the net and are holding up well after being worn nearly every day for the last 2 months.
    Having said all that, I haven't had a stack or read a review by anyone who has actually sc****d them on the road properly, so their protective properties are still an unknown.

    Either way, for $150 or whatever they'd make a good pair of "my other jeans are in the wash" type jeans!
  8. Agttr - please PM me re the problems you are having with your Kevlar cargos. We would be happy to replace your pair free of charge with something from our new range of gear.

    Mahoney - glad to hear you are happy with the purchase. Sorry you don't like the name!

    As for an update with Jeansly, we were forced to shut down our store a few months ago due to a large competitor threatening legal action in relation to our Kevlar jeans. Being a small business we had no choice but to agree to their terms and stop selling our Kevlar jeans and cargos. We are back now however with a much larger range of textile and leather gear, so if you at interested check us out.

    Cheers ....
  9. would like to see the gear in real life, but it looks good like the pants,boots and gloves....
  10. Thanks newtoit, we are working on it! We hope to have at least one of every product available for customers (in Vic at least) to check out and take a look. We do offer a no hassle return / exchange policy as well, just in case customers are not happy with the product after delivery of an order. Cheers.
  11. Just had a look on your site, interested in zee pants...where is the Alive speed gear made? any reviews? I couldn't find anything using my google-fu.
  12. Hi pastafarian.

    The Alive Speed Gear range is a new name for an established manufacturer based in Sialkot, Pakistan (where the vast majority of gear these days is made including well know Aussie brands). The manufacturer has been making un-labeled gear (I.e. the distributor adds their own brand) for the European market for over a decade.